Dengvaxia is a known vaccine for preventing one of the most common diseases of Filipinos

Dengvaxia is a known vaccine for preventing one of the most common diseases of Filipinos, dengue fever. The issue regarding the said vaccine started when public school students in different regions were offered to be vaccinated through the supervision of the Department of Health. Months after given their shots, many of the students reportedly got sick and a few died which alarmed the other citizen. This case addresses the sustainability goal: good health and well-being.
Before announced and sold to the public, multiple laboratory tests and research studies on dengvaxia were performed to ensure that it is safe and suitable for the prevention of having dengue fever. It is said by the World Health Organization that the vaccine has a possibility to infect those vaccinated who have not experienced having dengue fever and that it may cause antibody-dependent enhancement or the occurrence of antibodies combining with a virus which can become life-threatening.
Since the case of dengvaxia is still spreading, people are becoming more anxious of getting their children vaccinated with other necessary vaccines which may lead to them acquiring worse diseases. In my opinion, I believe the DOH should have stopped the dengvaxia program immediately after the WHO stated that it might put people at risk. Furthermore, I think they should not have been very eager to implement the vaccine to people without knowing everything about it even though the vaccine completed its laboratory tests.


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