Dell’s wish and vision is to deliver the best possible customer experience

Dell’s wish and vision is to deliver the best possible customer experience, “through the delivery of superior value, high quality, relevant technology; customized systems; superior systems and support and differentiated products and services that are easy to buy and use” . They do this through the implementation of a market strategy that focuses on four points : 1) simplifying information for customers, 2) offer customer a range of choices and possibilities, 3) custom-built products and 4) being sustainable and respectable to the environment; over all their most important tactic is to “listen to their customers.” Their sales model relies on selling their products solely through their website, call center and teams of sales representatives (these teams deal mainly with business and corporate clients) ; due to this it is very important that they manage to interact with their customers through other channels s they do not have a retail branch. Due to this special direct sales business model Dell puts a lot of focus on the idea that it is of extreme importance for customers to provide direct and continuous feedback so that as a company they can meet their needs. This is why they have a successful approach in the digital marketing environment, in which they use digital advertising, their own website and social media to promote themselves and increase their level of customer satisfaction.
In terms of digital marketing Dell uses the standard channels to get its name and products out into the web. Like most major companies they engage in “paid searches” such as Google Ad Words, which allows them to increase their visibility but also target specific searches such as “Dell promotions”, this has good effects as it can show existing clients the promotions.

The answer should center on different segmentation techniques. Different segments can then be targeted by different media (e.g., paid search, display advertising, affiliates and offline communications); on site through specific content for these audiences and through event-triggered e-mail communications. Segmentation approaches include the following:

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• Geographic – Dell has a separate site for each country.

• Demographic

Dell can target different audiences by advertising
Or affiliate marketing indifferent site types.

• Business versus consumer – Dell’s site offers products in each of these areas.

• Value – higher value consumer audiences (gaming) and business audiences (larger companies) are offered separate content.

• Vertical business markets (e.g., government, education and healthcare – particularly in core markets such as the United States).

• Lifecycle – first purchase or repeat purchase.

• Accessories and add-ons– have they been purchased?


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