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Dear minister,I would like to share with you an important situaution that you must think about and do something that can change it. As you know school is the palce where the society has been tought. Education is very important to people. One of the most benefital studies that we should learn is Religious studies because when we study our religion, we learn to respect ourselves as well as others. We would also be able to undertsnd our identity and understand our and others rights as well as our responsibilty in life. There are a lot of different religions in this world however islam is the only religion that is taught in the UAE. There are many other religions that we should atleast know a bit about such as: Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Religion as you know, is a major part of our society and by not learning it in schools, unfortunately  creates lots of  problems and misunderstanding between people with different religions. Education builds understanding, compassion and most importantly tolerance. School students or generally children who are taught about other religions, have the power of understanding and communicating with other people. i’m positive that’s the thing you hope for in your country therefore you must help your community by allowing relegiouse studies in schools.There’ll be a generation of cooperative citizens if religious studies is been taught. Teaching children about these religions might also bring an understanding of the similarities between many of the world’s religion.Since you didn’t ban relegion from public schools and there is no law that bans religion from schools it means that you are not disagreeing with teaching religion in schools and universities because of its importance, however it isn’t being taught in schools. I strongly say that religion studies should not be banned because without knowledge of the world’s religions, student will not understand their neighbours and society and wouldn’t feel the connection .  In this generation, people are moving more to other countries for a variation of situations like studying, holiday or work. People need to understand and have a background about other religions so they would not have any rivalry with each other (as i said before). The religions have a similar thing which list that we are here to worship one god. When people notice that each religion have the same belief, people with different religions will unite. So unity instead of differences, isnt this what you as a minister would wish to happen between the scoicty? Some people may argue that many religions studies are unsuccessful to properly educate and to grab public interests . Sometimes they promote a harsh explanation for example whey they talk about islam without encouraging critical thinking. Education professors say ” to gradually introduce an idea to students that certain things are forbidden, without explaining and understanding why it is forbidden’.  This will lead to an either right or wrong idea and views from students. On the other hand students who are taught religious studies will have the power to recognise the right things and wouldn’t be controlled by others. Knowledge makes people more secure of their faith.In conclusion, I strongly suggest that religious studies  should be taught in every school so students and people in general have the understanding and to know exactly about each religion. This will outcome a peaceful and powerful society that has a connection. There’s only one god that we should all worship and believe. You would be the perfect person to help our society be peacful feel a connection by allowing relegouse studies in puplic schools.


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