Dear my performance, but I would like to explain

Dear Committee Members, I am requesting a revocation of my dismissal from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This semester was indeed a challenge for me mentally and emotionally. I was not taken back, but very dismayed to receive this letter informing me of my dismissal. College really challenges you in all aspects and I was truly put to the test. Coming into the semester on academic probation put a lot of pressure on my school work and the adjustments I would have to make. I accept I struggled a great deal this semester, and due to that my grades suffered. I know they weren’t as poor as my previous spring semester, but they weren’t in standing with the needed requirements. I don’t intend to make excuses for my performance, but I would like to explain the circumstances. Entering the semester my plan was to complete the needed math and chemistry classes to continue my workload at a rate that would not interfere with my graduation status. I honestly thought I could handle the classes, and I truly believe I could have if I would have stuck with them. The pressure of not making the required GPA made me believe that dropping my chemistry class was the best solution at the time of midterms. Needless to say personal family matters and mental health issues became a huge burden on me this semester. My family’s financial stability was rocked, thus requiring me to obtain a job. I had a car and had obtained a job and I thought I could handle it but I was wrong. The pressure of making ends meet for myself interfered on time I should have spent studying. My issue with anxiety didn’t make the concern easier to control. I refused to take any anxiety medication because I felt like it would define me as a person. It would make me weak and the last thing I wanted was to be dependent of medicine to feel like myself.  I told my family I had everything under control when in reality I felt like I was drowning on the inside. I tried my best and I thought it was enough but I was wrong. If I am reinstated, I will make sure that school remains my number one priority. I will complete the needed requirements and make sure it isn’t a problem that will arise again in my career at the university. Thankfully my financial status isn’t as low as it was, so a heavy load of work hours will not be needed. I’ve learned that when times get hard the university is always a shoulder I can lean on. If matters like this were to ever occur again I know the proper ways of tending to them. Seeking help when I need it the most (instead of avoiding it) will now be my main priority. I’m surrounded by such great peers and faculty members that I no longer will let myself drown in situations I feel like I can’t handle. Being a First Generation college student means a great deal. All eyes are on you and everyone wants to see you succeed and do what they didn’t have the ability to take a chance on, especially coming from the home of a single mother. I take great pride in where I come from and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I go through the struggles of what being a college student of color is so that one day I can help my mother and not have to go through the things she had to do just to get us by in life. Transitioning to Iowa wasn’t easy but seeing the glow in my mother’s eyes made me strive to be better every single day. I am aware that not meeting requirements results in dismissal but my chance at an appeal gives me hope that I won’t have to leave behind the work I know I can accomplish. Obstacles have broken me and have also shown me that giving up is not an option when you’re dedicated to your dream. The University of Iowa became a place I fell in love with. Iowa City became my home away from home and truly a place where I felt I belonged. My dream since falling in love with this school and this city has been to walk across that stage being able to say “Mamá realmente lo hice” (Mama I really made it). It couldn’t be more cliché but it has been my dream since I was a little girl. I’ve learned that your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve the issue, and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. Times change, things get better and I know this semester will be a time for me to flourish and continue to grow if I am given the opportunity. Thank you for considering this appeal. Sincerely, Adriana Garcia


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