Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
It hasn’t been a month yet at this new ranch but Lennie still somehow already messed up. He broke Curley’s wife’s neck with his bare hands in the barn while the rest of us were playing horseshoes just outside. I’m going to get forced out of Soledad now and I’m going to have to find a new job too. Lennie also killed his pup. I guess I was wrong to think that he wasn’t strong enough to kill that too. Although Lennie is really forgetful, he did remember to go hide in the brush if he did do something wrong so at least he did something right for once. In the end I decided to put Lennie down by putting a bullet in the back of his head. I think it was best for him since he won’t survive in jail and he won’t be able to cope with being on the run for most of his life. A bullet in the back of the head is also still better than being lynched, he probably didn’t even feel any pain. I don’t regret this decision, it was a mercy killing. I am obviously sad about Lennie dying but I know it was best for him and me. At least he died happy, me telling him about him tending the rabbits and our little farm that we were going to own. It is a shame that it will never happen, for Lennie at least. After what happened Slim and Carlson both took me out for a drink and reassured me and saying that it was the right thing. I’m happy I got to Lennie before Curley did. I don’t think that Curley would have let Lennie of easy. He also probably wanted to get Lennie back for crushing his hand. It was his fault! He shouldn’t have messed with Lennie. I don’t think I want to work at this ranch anymore since it would be too awkward to be around everyone. I’ll get my pay at the end of the month and move somewhere other than this place. I’ll be moving around the country lonely like every itinerant worker is.


I'm Dianna!

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