Curiosity was pretty interesting because of the mathematical significance

Curiosity and interest in LED’s and DC motors drove me to choose Electronics in my under graduation and the same inspired me to make a LED cube when I was a freshman. As a sophomore, one operation which caught my attention was ‘Convolution’. During a lecture about Convolution, which was pretty interesting because of the mathematical significance that it did possess, all of a sudden formulae of calculus and things on paper turned out into imaginative concepts. It was then I started to enjoy all those theories. Studies became fun aided by active discussions during lectures. From that time I started to feel strong in the concepts of transformation theory and signal processing. The quick grasping nature of mine and instant responses in lectures caught the attention of professors and helped me in gaining knowledge by working on extra individual assignments. With these strong concepts and basics in signal processing, practical implementation in MATLAB became simple and so did the concepts. All these made me choose to work further in this area.Projects like six segment robotic arm controlled by ball movement, LED cube, courses on microcontrollers and few workshops imbibed in me a basic knowledge on Embedded systems and Image processing. With all this knowledge on hardware and processing helped me in leading a team and making impossible to possible i.e. A car controlled using brain. This gave me a knowledge on EEG waves which directed me towards the study of Autonomous car. Towards innovation this work is published in IEEE. Having a good academic performance backed by practical knowledge, I was offered an internship opportunity by the Department, I was graduating in. I grabbed this opportunity and worked on image denoising and attended course on computer vision in Indian institute of technology, Mandi. This helped me in stretching my knowledge in signal processing.From my instincts, summer break was a good time to learn something new and in personal, I don’t like to stay idle. So, I developed my coding skills in freshman break by taking up private courses on C++ and java. During the next successive break, I have taken up the course and hands on sessions on networking by Cisco, and I am a CCNA certified personnel in Routing and Switching essentials. During the next big break, I got familiarized with chip designing in cadence favoured by a workshop.In my point of view, industrial experience would give me an opportunity to research on the cutting edge technology. After working in Robert Bosch for couple of years, my contribution to research is negligible but I gained few skills in automation specifically Perl and Embedded AUTOSAR domain. Though i was able to quickly adapt to company processes and work, I realised that slope of my learning curve will be more if I am able to achieve a doctorate. Machines are replacing humans in every industry. In one way this makes life challenging with ramifying technology. Basically humans are gifted with many abilities, which are hard to embed into a machine. With my previous knowledge in computer vision, signal processing and embedded system I am willing to learn more challenging and advanced topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence etc and contribute myself for the advancement of technology which makes life simpler.In Bosch, I am currently lead by a German, whose automation and coding skill is remarkable. I am astonished to know about German’s perfection, dedication, system of living, work-life balance, education system etc. All these inputs about Germany made me take a step to pursue my higher education there. Since then I started to learn German language, when few things like autobahn, where there is no speed limit, and climatic condition caught my attention and turned me more towards living there. Germany always tops the list in the chart of Technological advancement, especially in field of automotives and automation. My mates call me studious, but being from a family which depends  on farming and teaching, made me know the value of education and hardwork. I am brought under the discipline of a teacher. Most of the youngsters in my village are students of my father and Grandpa. They suggest villagers to send their children to city for higher education. The same nature did support me for higher studies and do something good for the society. Being in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham for four years, helping nature and selfless service deep rooted in me because of many university activities for welfare of society like Amala Bharatam campaign (popularly ABC), Amritavarsham, student social responsibility (popularly SSR) etc.I believe university if stuttgart will give me full space to learn and research.


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