BHS0012: Environmental Policy (Dr John Lever)
10 minute presentation
Qimin CHEN (U1667752)
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I gave a presentation about air pollution in China on December 7th with my group members Yucheng Zhu and Shizhi Li. My group members and me are all Chinese and we know that air pollution is one of the biggest problems in China at present so we chose this topic. Before presentation we chose an afternoon when we three people all had no classes to discuss this topic. We spent a lot of time searching the relevant materials in the library before doing the PPT. Then we discussed about division of responsibilities to do slides. We divided the slides into several parts: introduction, the reason why air pollution appeared, what effects air pollution brought, type of pollution, the solutions of air pollution, conclusion, evaluation and references. I was responsible for writing the solutions, evaluation and conclusion while the other two wrote the former parts. We only put a few words. Instead, some related pictures were put in the slides. When we gave the presentation in front of students and teacher, we felt a bit nervous because I wrote the least and was worried that the time of presentation would be too short. So we three people started to use our own words to analyse this theme in detail, trying to say as much as possible in order to make speech time long enough. After we ended the speech, teacher said our presentation was very good and we were relieved at that moment. But I know that we are not good at presentation in front of people. We did not prepare very well before presentation and only Shizhi Li wrote the manuscript. In addition, we did not interact with teacher and other students during presentation. As to the content of the slides, we only used a few theories which we had learnt in class. Most of the materials were found on the Internet. But when I wrote the solutions of air pollution in China, I mentioned that the Chinese government proposed to invest new energy vehicle and reduce the output of coals, which correspond the sustainability principle. In addition, the conclusion and evaluation are too few. Through this speech, I know the importance of preparing before giving a speech in front of people. If we are afraid of giving speech without fluency, writing manuscript is a wisdom choice. After finishing the manuscript, reading several times to check whether the words are used properly or not. Making sure that the manuscript does not have any mistakes, read and retell several times in order that we are very familiar with the content and can speak very fluently. When we give a presentation in front of a large audience, eye contact and interactions with audience are necessary because they can make speech more interesting and meaningful. Apart from these, some polite words such as ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ should be said to show respect for the audience. If we want to make speech more persuasive, we can apply some knowledge which we have ever learnt before. Like our speech about air pollution, we should apply more theories studied during class such as the participation principle, the polluter pays principle, the precautionary principle, the human rights principle, etc. Otherwise, the audience consider that the speaker tells lies and they leave a bad impression on the speaker.
So next time I give presentations to others, I will make sufficient preparation like writing manuscript and rehearsing ahead of time and do some interactions with audience during the speech.


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