Coursework Header Sheet 238991-30 Course RESE1075

Coursework Header Sheet
Course RESE1075: Fdns of Scholar & Res MethdsCourse School/Level B/PG
Coursework Portfolio 3 Assessment Weight 16.00%
Tutor D AdebanjoSubmission Deadline 06/11/2017

Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student’s own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from other sources it has been properly acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Regulations regarding Cheating and Plagiarism.

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001003122                  Dewansh Dubey 
Tutor’s comments                                       
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Thinking is a continuous mental process. It empowers human mind to produce different thoughts. We all think about various things like place, people or anything irrespective of any reason however there is a contrast between just thinking and critical thinking critical thinking involves deep analysis of a particular situation before leading to any conclusion or decision. Paul and Elder (1987)define critical thinking as “Critical thinking is that mode of thinking-about any subject, content or problem in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skilfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing and imposing intellectual standards upon them”.

Critical thinking is a continuous process. This expertise is developed by constant practice and use. It also plays a significant role in education. In today’s world there is lot of diversity in education in terms of universities, courses offered by them, fees etc. due to which it becomes difficult for a student to choose one. For instance, if a student who is planning to pursue an MBA course will have difficulties in opting one A simple solution to which can be doing a detailed and deep analysis. which can enable a student to evaluate the pros n con of different universities based on its credibility, modules of courses, cost, location, duration etc. which can assist a student to shortlist one. Even higherlevel education emphasizes on critical thinking for e.g. While obtaining master degree students need to complete assignments, essay and project. In order to do it efficiently students need to think beyond simple description and provide a valid proof and a logical argument this can be done through critical thinking as students can see knowledge, make connections between ideas and understand the content deeply Instead of depending on teacher for guidance. Students who possess such skills become more autonomous and self-directed. I believe tutors should not only focus on providing facts to students but also in giving critical thinking skills by involving them in various case studies and group discussions through which they can measure merits and consequences of information they have and solve any problem. They should encourage students to understand concepts and not just memorise it as it will help them to tackle any situation or problem more efficiently. Furthermore, it also improves communication skills and helps in expressing ourselves in much better way as there is lot more clarity in thoughts, eventually to become a good listener.

Critical thinking is not just academic skill it’s a skill used by successful leaders in day to day life to solve problems, ask question and take correct who holds the ability to think critically can gauge which part of information should be considered and which should be discarded. He remains calm under pressure since he can keep balance between emotional and practical also brings clarity in thoughts which makes a person capable of reflecting his own perception and calculation also with critical thinking an individual can reach new level of self-improvement continuously.

Reference-Paul and Elder, The National council of Excellence in Critical thinking (1987)
Summary “In Tray” exercise
One the of most important element while taking a decision is prioritizing situations which guides us to take appropriate action. In the “In Tray” exercise we had to consider ourselves as newly appointed general manager of Sunrise Foods Company and had to take few quick decisions based the on the list of items given to us. we also had our own problem which we couldn’t neglect, so looking at the criticality of the problem we made some preferences which required immediate attention.
For me the first priority was item number-3 which was email from production manager Kerry Richards on 5/2/08, because it stated that suppliers had issues regarding prices and we need to take some action before 15/2/08, if we do not agree with their demand they would stop the supply., which would directly hamper the business because without raw material there cannot be any sort of production which will impact the sales and ultimately lead to decrease in revenue. Therefore, as manager I believe that my core job is to ensure that all the functions of organisation are running smoothly and there is no economical loss to the company. My plan of action would be to speak with Mr Richards and ask him to try to negotiate with pricing if not possible then revise the pricing for time being may be of 3 months and in meanwhile inform sales, finance and shore holders as well about this situation, furthermore also to look for new vendor on lower price.

My second priority would be item number-4, letter from Penny Logan on 1/2/08 about workers union strike. For this issue I will ask Penny Logan to get in touch with human resources team prepare plan in terms of what best can be done, if we increase wages how much will it cost to organization and accordingly set up a meeting for next week. Going forward next items which I would look upon are Item number-1 and item 5. For the shareholder I will draft a letter giving him appropriate reasons for the drop in share price and also provide him with future plans of the organization to sustain his trust. Now for the letter from Sam Nikora regarding his resignation I will inform Penny Logan to try and resolve issues faced by him. Also, will have one to one meeting to understand the reason for his distrust in organization and provide with appropriate solutions for it. Lastly will look at Item number 2,6 and 7 because I believe they will not have much impact on business and nothing much can be done for that.
After completing the exercise, we had general group discussion on decision taken by everyone and how the plan to react to each situation. During this process we observed that there was some common outlook towards prioritizing items and some differed. For instance, for some first priority was item -1 while some for some it was something and all had their reasoning behind it which indicates we should have broader perspective in any situation and after considering different aspect we should form our opinion. Overall the above exercise was very fruitful as it helped us to understand different prospects we need to look at while taking decision which will not only improve our skills but also enable to take more accurate decisions.

Review of “In Tray” exercise
Decision making is an intellectual process of opting for most suitable alternative for a problem out of many solutions. it is many times influenced by natural instincts as well. In the above exercise we had to make few quick decisions based on the situations provided to us. Initially I just skimmed through the different situations and tried to make out some sense from it. However, I was quite uncertain about taking any decision as all the situations seemed to be equally important. Somewhere I found myself to be in bit of a pressure Since there was a constant question running in my subconscious mind whether the decisions which I am taking are Right or wrong, due to which I was unable to focus completely. Nevertheless, I tried to keep my focus and made some decision.

After taking decisions, we had a discussion about the same with our colleagues through which I realised that the decisions taken by me where bit hasty and lacked strategy. An important thing which I learned from this exercise is that we would always define the objective of taking a decision which helps us to have clear thoughts about it. Another important perspective in decision making is we must always try to gauge the negative and positive impact that our decision will have on various aspect like economic, social, political etc. I also observed that in process of taking quick decision we often emphasize too much on future as we have “Fear of loss” and neglect present which eventually leads to overthinking, instead we need to embrace future.

In order to improve my decision-making skills first thing that I intend to do is set a time frame for taking decision which will equip me in taking quick decisions. Going forward I will also set out some strategy by looking at all the possible options and analysing their pros n cons.


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