Corporate Social Responsibility – David Crowther and Guler Aras 20083

Corporate Social Responsibility – David Crowther and Guler Aras 20083.
In this book, we have concluded that, Corporate Social Responsibility is a broad subject which leads to a variety of opinions and it can be considered in different way. The author looks at different issues in more detail and at the actual implementation of corporate social responsibility in a business. Corporate Social Responsibility has gained in prominence last few years. It has also changed in nature and environment as business hence different issues have become more important. These issues analyze his book for caring of business environment and social environment. ‘The Stakeholder Theory approach is more significant for managing an organization. The Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder theory approach are inter-related to each other. He will analyze this more clearly throughout this book. He properly indicates in his book Ethical behavior and ethical business has effect not only for stakeholder or shareholder but also entire business or economy. He believes that ethical business decision making process it will more productive and effective utilization of economic resources maintains good Corporate Social Responsibility. Social and environmental accounting has a significant part to play in the management of an organization. The organization adopted different techniques will have effect on social and environmental accounting. Globalization has an enormous effect on society and business. This effect can be maximum related to product, service cost, price, target market, technology adoption, quick production etc. when a business sells this product with cheaper and reduce cost, it will be able to increase market share. Customers have too much choice of product and services in the market. They are also expecting high quality, low price, which they are willing to pay. In this way, thinking about the business, customer and social responsibility in its globalization have become remarkable. Finally, we pointed out relationship between business failure, aftermath the globalization and social responsible behaviors.


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