Confidentiality must be in place not only for the safe recording and storing of information

Confidentiality must be in place not only for the safe recording and storing of information, but also how this information is accessed, and shared, with individuals, and any third party. The learner must be made aware of any ‘sharing’ of personal data that will take place and agree to this before it is actioned.
The main elements with reference to confidentiality are dealt with within the guiding principles of the DPA 1998 Act. Data collection has to be fair, the purpose for which the data was collected must be known, and for how long the data is going to be held for, how secure it is, relevant, adequate and up to date it is. Within the relevance of assessment, it gives learners and interested parties, confidence that the data is secure.
Meeting internal and external standards from an assessment perspective, would mean that internal policies and standards are in place, incorporating any legal issues, and are regularly updated or risk assessed to make sure that they are being followed.

Organisational Health and Safety must be in place with risk assessments regularly carried out to take into account any assessments that are being carried out. Occupational Health and Safety polices and procedures must be in place as well when assessing learners competencies in their own occupational area.
All assessments must be undertaken with a safe environment. This ‘safe’ environment must meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act. All participants in the assessment area have a responsibility to make sure that they report, where applicable any unsafe equipment or practices. The assessor must conform to any additional health and safety requirements as determined by the workplace where the assessment is being carried out.

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