Competency Statement I

Competency Statement I: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment.

Function Area 1: Safe
When working with children, safety is the first priority as a teacher. With that being the number one goal, in all reality accidents happen. We take extra precaution and complete an accident report form and give a call to our parents to keep them informed. To provide additional safety in the classrooms the ratio is always met in the classroom, and our backs are never to the children. We use the name to face form in our classroom as well. This allows us to make sure we have all the children accounted for as they arrive. We record the time they arrive and do an hourly count of the classroom. The name to face also keeps track of every staff member that enters the classroom, if they are in the classroom for a short time or long they have to be signed in. Every classroom should have age appropriate furniture to promote safety with low tables and shelves. The teacher who opens the classroom will have a daily checklist to make sure the classroom is safe to be occupied. Toys will also be age appropriate to prevent it from being a choking hazard. Toys are inspected throughout the day if any are broken they will either be repaired or thrown away. Chemicals are to be stored and locked out of reach of the children. Safety is my number one goal, and if I have any concerns or if something needs further attention that I can not provide I will report the matter to the supervisor.

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Function Area 2: Maintaining a healthy environment in child care is very important. When working with infants and toddler an age appropriate development is putting everything in their mouths. But abiding by the licensing standards will help to take the necessary precautions to maintain a healthy classroom. Proper handwashing procedures are followed in not just the classroom but the whole center. Handwashing should occur when each child arrives, before and after meal times. After using the bathroom and diaper changing and also when we come from outside. When a child sneezes or cough into their hand they have to wash their hand but its also encouraged to sneeze and cough into their inside of the elbow. Mouth toy bleach solution is in every classroom when toys are put in a child’s mouth. Bleach water solution is also used when cleaning the changing table and tables for meals. Bedding is washed every week or more if we know a child has been sick and cots are sprayed down. Parent communication is key when informing parents what illness has been diagnosed and also a letter from our director is posted on the door. Maintaining a healthy environment also includes physical activity and meals. Physical activity is encouraged throughout the day. Some is planned and some is unplanned. Since children do best to learn by play some physical activities that happen throughout the day include music and movement, and 30 minutes of outdoor time twice a day. Healthy foods are served everyday and during family style dining children are encourage to try new food and as teachers we model this by putting each food on our plate.


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