Companies want dimensional managers

Companies want dimensional managers. They are looking for managers with different types of skills. Companies want managers who has technical skills, that are comfortable working with different types of employees. Managers should be able to measure the difficulties of today’s competitive marketplace and, take the company to success assuming a leadership position. Problem solving skills is very important, managers must identify, confront, and solve incoming issues. Moreover, technical skills are most significant for lower-level managers because they are often responsible for trainings. Human skills is crucial at all levels of administration. This skill allows managers to create a good environment where people feels free to express their view. Finally, conceptual skills play a main role when the managers rise thorough the different managerial position.
Often managers find very challenging lead people without hierarchical power because they think that a boss is limited to tell people what to do. Most of them start their jobs by using a formal authority approach and less people management. However, they ended up realizing that that being a manager has not much to do with bossing people. Following a half year on the job, a large portion of managers find themselves overwhelming by the amount of work they have to deal with and that aid their subordinate interference with their jobs. After a year on the job, most of them had come to consider themselves not as achievers, but rather as managers who complete things through others. Finally got to understand that people management was the most essential aspect of their job, and the majority of them ended up changed their authoritarian approach for one that is more flexible.


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