Communication, Communication is important within any work place because it affects the relationships you build with your peers; if no one spoke in a work place it would be hard to complete tasks. Communications is especially important within childcare because when working with children you are their role model and they will copy you in order to grow.
People communicate for all different reason one of the reason is to get a relationship with who they will be working with and to understand how they work Team communication is important as it is important to keep everyone who you work with knowledge about what is going on within your job role, for example within my role as a nursery nurse I communicate with the children and their parents it is important that everybody is provided the information they need to know about each child and what they have done during the day. As I am an apprentice I am learning as I work which means I am watching my qualified peers to learn more about being a nursery nurse so Communication is vital to get an effective relationships in the work setting and my peers who I will be learning from, communication also allows me to get support from my peers and it provides me with support I need. Other reason why people communicate is to give and receive instructions, express needs, share ideas, develop learning, discuss a situation, make a point or outline a concern and understand and to be understood. People communicate for many reasons but when communicating it is also important to observe their reaction as it’s important that to take in what each individual is feelings. Some people will express how they feel verbally, but some may not say anything but their facial expressions, body language will speak a million words, therefore within my rob role it is important that I develop the skills to read children and adults by understanding their facial expressions and body language as well as their verbal communication.


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