Colonization established by belgium and they orchestrated negotiations with

Colonization is the setting up of a settlement by one power away from its own domain to rule and to use for its own profit. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was colonized by the Belgians in the late seventeen hundreds. More than two hundred languages are spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The main four are Swahili, Tshiluba, Lingala, and Kongo .French is the official language. As an official language it is used by the government for laws, reports, and public objects. Colonization began in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when King Leopold II’s ,king of the  Belgians, attention was brought to the region while British explorer Henry Morton Stanley’s exploration of the Congo River in eithteen forty-seven to seventy-seven. In eighteen hundred seventy-eight the king formed a Committee for Studies of the Upper Congo to go colonize the Congo so that they can trade along the River. Stations were established by belgium and they orchestrated negotiations with the African nations. Later the  Committee for Studies of the Upper Congo had signed treaties with four hundred and fifty independent African states and then began to govern the territory as an independent state.Leopold II began to use the Congo for its natural rubber and and building railroads to make it more valuable.He then began using  forced labor to fulfil his wants and the best interest for his country.He used murder and harsh punishment to force the Congolese into submission. They also suffered punishment if they did not reach the work quotas they were given. Millions of Congolese died during this time. Leopold veiled this crulement by saying he was on a civilizing mission by bringing religion and modern life to the Congo.The Republic of the Congo gained its independence in the 1960s.Violence began to breakout across the country leading up to the independence. Thousands of Belgians  fled and violence against whites surfaced around the globe. Unable to control the Congo army ,the Belgians brought troops to restore order. In response, the Congolese government appealed directly to the United Nations to provide troops and the removal of Belgian troops. The United Nations approved the idea and called a removal of Belgium troops.The Congo was left without anything educational or industrial, and its resources were deplenished. Hey were left to fend on their own.   


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