Coke and Pepsi are still profitable even

Coke and Pepsi are still profitable even, soft drinks has not seen a big spike in demand like in previous decades. Coke and Pepsi has billions of loyal customer. And industry has not a new threat against Coke and Pepsi. They produced other products and entered new markets to gaining new customers. Nowadays health is important topic thatswhy Pepsi and Coke developed new product such as water, juices, vitamin water and other drinks that provide health benefits. Pepsi and Coke developed alternatives such as dietary sodas and intensified their efforts to use alternative sweeteners such as natural sugar or Stevia, a plant that can be used as a natural, zero-calorie sweetener. In addition, they launched non-carbs beverages such as fruit juices, sports, energy and tea-based beverages. New product innovations and continuous promotion for brands will contribute to the protection of success.
Internationalization is the other important issue. Pepsi and Coke put more emphasis on overseas markets such as Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, where the consumption of CSDs is still low compared to the US market.International strategy is a big opportunity for Pepsi. Because Pepsi has still big market share in US.
Technology, Coke uncovered a new style soda machine that could produce dozens of different kinds of beverages. Coke and pepsi has strong financial position in CSD market. It is possible to invest in the future technology to increase productivity and market share.
Innovation; they should follow the technology and they should create value to staying and growing in market. For example; Market initiatives to many different markets such as China and India require products prepared with different flavors or ingredients to suit local tastes. It offers a opportunity for innovation. It is possible to carry successful products to other markets.
Maintaining the global brand recognition: Coke and Pepsi maintain the global recognition. Coke emphasized the introduction of its brand and increase spending on sponsorship and global marketing. Pepsi redesign logo to make a difference and they changed overall portfolio.


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