Cloud same times (Mansuri, Verma, & Laxkar, 2014). In

Cloud computing is a new era in information technology where resources can be employed by clients over the Internet. Services provided in cloud computing include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud computing technology make the new methods in software and hardware distributions. The advantages of cloud computing in education are to provide convenience to students and teachers with the number of applications in the cloud; second, flexibility and mobility in the use of resources for teaching and learning, and the last is the higher level of collaborations (Kurelovi, Rako, & Tomljanovi, 2013).

Cloud computing is a new way to distribute software. In the past, if pupils and instructors want to use the computer to create word files, spreadsheet, presentation etc, they must be installed an application on the computer. With cloud computing users only have an internet connection to create that because application running under browser not affected by the operating system used by the user. The example of applications on cloud computing is Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive since their users can create a spreadsheet file without installed Microsoft Office or Open Office on their computer.

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Second, another advantages cloud computing in education is flexibility and mobility in the use of resources for teaching and learning. Learners and instructors can access many learning materials from the internet to increase their knowledge with no matter their access from a personal computer, mobiles phone or computer tablet. Learners and tutors can access learning materials wherever they are as long as it is connected directly to the internet. Streaming media platform is one technique to spread learning materials (Guo, 2014), with this method it is possible to get as much information as possible both in terms of the main subject of the lesson and its secondary materials.

Finally, with cloud computing users can get the higher level of collaborations. Multiple users are allowed to produce and modified documents at the same times (Mansuri, Verma, & Laxkar, 2014). In this advantages students and teachers can be joined works to create a project, not only in the same schools they are can collaboration with another student in different states or countries. For example, the teacher and students write together on their spring break. Then the teacher makes a file on Google Drive then the file is distributed to his students.

In conclusion, by referring to 21st-century learning frameworks, cloud computing can be one method to improve education wherein part of them is collaborative learning. Learners are required to work in collaboration with fellow students and with their teachers.


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