Cleopatra’s needle is 71 feet tall

Cleopatra’s needle is 71 feet tall. And is standing in Central park, NYC.
It was given as a gift from Egypt in 1881, Tourist like to visit it and is 3,500 years old. and is the tallest and one of the most popular attractions in central park. It weighs over 200 tons, in 2011 the Egyptian government threatened to take it back because of the mistreatment of it.

It has been there since 1881. The erosion of Cleopatra’s needle was less due to nyc and more to it fell into the sand in Egypt and layed there for 500 years. It was renovated with lazers for a year straight and people were able to visit it after it was done. It took people 4 months to move it from the hudson river to central park where it now stands. Each side of it is supported by 900 pound bronze replicas of sea crabs. When it layed in the sand, Cleopatra’s Needle eroded because of the constant wind pounding on it for 500 years.
Cleopatra’s Needle also in a 4 season climate which can erode it way faster than in a 1 season climate because it can rain in the summer and get it wet then in the winter it freezes causing it to split. Since it gets so warm Cleopatra’s Needle can also split from being really hot, and in the winter there can be really bad blizzards with high speed winds causing some of the Needle to fall off,

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The people who live near Cleopatra’s needle live in a 4 season climate which has all four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, NYC is the biggest city in the USA which also means it will be way more worm in Southern NY then Northern NY, because of the smog and factories and air pollution. The winters are Cold and the summers are hot.


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