Christmas manifest my life is a christmas tree, Pine

Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and widely observed holiday,celebrated generally on Dec. 25 by millions of people around the world. It is a religious event,a sacred occasion to celebrate the birth of Christ,through singing of christmas carols at a church service,attending midnight mass,listening to the message,engaging in prayer and other religous rituals. For me christmas is a holiday, a time to escape from a stressful,overworked career dreary,mindless work. Its a day to relax,spend time with the family and friends. 1.The symbol that can manifest my life is a christmas tree, Pine tree symbolizes as our house that will never destroy and still consistent standing even if theres alot of problems and trials, the different design will be me and my sibblings,the star that highlights the tree will be my parents who are always there to lead and guide us in any triumph in our lives.The most unforgettable christmas that I experienced is when my Father from abroad came to celebrate christmas with us. Im so glad that in a long long term of celebrating christmas without him, he is finally arrived bringing his wide and warm love to share with his family.In the coming christmas season my wish will have a perfect celebration with my family because christmas is not a time nor a season,but a state of mind. The real spirit of Christmas is to give peace to everyone.For me, it is a time to celebrate. It’s meant to bring a message of peace and hope. This holiday is the time to keep the spirit of thanksgiving in our hearts and minds- to reach out and touch someone with the kind of joy, love and enthusiasm. Apparently, Christmas manifest in my life to remember and give thanks to God, who so loved us that He gave His one and only Son so that if you believe in Him you will not be perish but have everlasting life? What a great gift that is right? And it costs you nothing. God sheds many blessings on me this time of year, finding gift I know that person wilk love, the happiness of a gift given in love, and seeing family members who live far away we see often. All good things come from God, His Son being the best and brightest. Well, as come to realized that the real spirit of Christmas is having forgotten by most because you’ll essence and the real spirit of Christmas is about sharing, honoring peace who was born to save all of us and all of mankind from our sins but nowadays people is celebrating it for the sake of having fun, partying, receiving gift and money. My realization is that, as a Christian, I wont forget to express my thanks and to praise God.


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