Chinmay tried to integrate the artificial intelligence and machine

Chinmay Mahesh Deshpande

S.E.-CSE : Computer
Science And Engineering Department

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Karmaveer Bhaurao
Patil College Of Engineering , Satara

Satara , India

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Abstract— We are in a digital era where technology plays a very
important role in almost every field. Medical field is also not exception to
this. Now a day’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is one of researcher’s favorite
field. Also, as medical science is the important factor of human life since
ancient time, human being is trying to develop new ways and technology that can
accommodate with healthcare techniques. Many leading software companies are
trying to use the artificial intelligence in medical science. In this paper we
introduce the new idea of using the artificial intelligence in medical science.

Intelligence; Medical Science; Healthcare ; Machine Learning

I.     Artificial Intelligence and machine learning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a branch
of computer science that is dealing with creating the intelligent machines. So
what are the intelligent machines? What work they actually do? Artificial
intelligence provides machines the thinking capacity so that machines can think
and learn different thinks by its own. We all know that failure is the first
step towards the success; intelligent machines use the same principle to learn
different things. Intelligent machines learn from the experience they get while
performing different tasks. The Artificial intelligence and machine learning
field was founded in 1956 summer workshop at Dartmouth college.

And then the journey of the research in this field
started. Currently there are many companies which are using artificial
intelligence and machine earning techniques to provide services to their
customers.  Some of the famous services
are: 1) Apple’s Siri 2) Microsoft’s Cortana   3) Google Assistant and 4) Amazon’s Alexa. All
these services use cloud platform to implement the artificial intelligence and
machine learning techniques. These services are actually personal assistant services
which help humans in day to day activities. When people interact with them they
become more accurate and familiar with the nature of the person. This is effect
of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now looking forward to this, researchers
moved ahead and used this artificial intelligence and machine learning
technique in medical science. Many companies tried to integrate the artificial
intelligence and machine learning technique in medical science. Currently there
are some companies which are providing this AI to hospitals so that they can
improve the service that is going to be given to the patients. Following are
the applications that give such services to hospitals:

1) IBM Watson

2) Google Deepmind Health

3) Careskore

4) Zephyr Health

5) Oncora Medical

6) Sentrain

7) Cloudmax health


II.    Working
Of Apllications


All of the above applications work for hospitals and
doctors to help them to give the better service to the patients. Their working is
almost same. Now a days we all use fitness trackers, smart watches that track
our health conditions, such as heart rate, calories, some medical conditions,
etc. All this information is fed to the cloud server which contains the application
that analyzes this data and compares it with the all medical books, research
papers, and the previous medical conditions. And then it conclude that from
which medical condition the patient is suffering and which is the most helpful
treatment for the patient. All this results are provided to the doctors so that
they can give the relative treatment to the patients. This saves the time
required to analyze and decide from which disease the patient is suffering. Among
all these applications Google’s deepmind health and IBM’s Watson are the most
popular platforms and mostly used by the doctors and hospitals.   



IBM Watson is the most popular artificial intelligence
based cloud platform that is used by the hospitals and the doctors. Its working
is very simple to understand. It connects both doctor and the patient to the
cloud server. The cloud server contains the AI platform that collects the
information from the patient and the reports of the patients from the doctor
and analyzes it. The analyzed data is compared with the all medical cases,
books and thesis. The result from the analyzed data is the diagnosis and the
required treatment. It speeds up the process of giving treatment to the
patient. This is about the treatment of the patient. It is not only restricted
to this but also it is helpful for researchers and the pharmacist to get the
required information about the latest cases and the research so that they can
create the medicines.

       Fig. 1: Sharing Of Data Between Doctor,
Pharmacist and    patient.

As shown in the fig.1 the cloud
platform shares the data with doctors, pharmacist and the patients.

                          IV.  IDAVATAR


Idavatar is a company that works with IBM Watson platform
and creates the avatars that interact with the people and gives the advice to
the patients according to the analyzed data.

Fig. 2: Idavatar

As shown in the figure the idavatar directly interact with
the people telling them the advice which is suggested by the IBM Watson. It
makes simple for the people to know the results of their analyzed health.

Drawbacks :


It does not operate automatically. Time to time
instructions is needed to be given.

It does not monitor the people’s health

The data at the specific time is used to analyze
the health condition of the person.

                             V.  REQUIRED


As far as these drawbacks are considered following changes
are need to be added into the application:

1) The health
should be monitored continuously in the     

2) In day to day
routine if any health abnormality is found it should alert the person.

3) In any
abnormal health condition it should suggest the person a quick remedy till the
person reach to the doctor.

4) In any
abnormal condition of the person is seen then it should send the analyzed data
to the doctor and fix the appointment.

5) It should
suggest the required exercise to people.  


                          VI. WHY THIS IS


People will start taking care of themselves.

In some critical conditions temporary help can
be provided to the patient.

Average life of a common man can increase up to
3 years.

People will not require consulting doctor for
smaller reasons.

Researchers can take advantage of the recorded
data for invention to cure some diseases.

Pharmacists can use the data to develop the new



                     VII. CONCLUSION


Many people from our society are suffering from different
diseases due to pollution in the environment. Sometime many of them are
suffering from the harmful diseases, such as cancer which cannot be identified
easily. Some of the diseases are still incurable. In such condition people have
to take care of themselves to be safe from infections. This artificial
intelligence and machine learning based system is helpful to identify the
disease and its remedy quickly than the normal time. Using this system the time
required to give the treatment can be reduced. This system is helpful for the
pharmacist and the researchers. Using this system doctors get more experience
of treating the patients.  










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