Child labour is the exploitation of children in industry or business work

Child labour is the exploitation of children in industry or business work, especially job types that bereave kids of their childhood, virtue and harmful for their mental and physical state. About 246 million of kids across the world are engaged in child labour. Approximately 70 per cent (171 million) of these children have to work in precarious conditions. For instance, mine work, working with chemicals and pesticides, which have damaging influence on child’s health. However, a significant part of them work in agricultural sector. The thriving of children exploitation is a worldwide menace. This phenomenon became as an enormous issue in several countries, like India, Afghanistan and China.
Over the past twenty years India implemented a range of laws and programs to overcome the issue of child labour. Approximately 10.2 million children work in India. Unfortunately, this country became the home to overwhelming majority of child labourers in the world. This is a significant global issue that tends to be attributed primarily to poverty, low aspiration and illiteracy.

Owing to the fact that often children are also bonded to labour due to a family indebtedness physical injuries and long-term health problems may be caused by this growing phenomenon.A speech by UNICEF India’s Chief of Education Euphrates Gobina highlights the problem.’ Under the new Child Labour Act, some forms of child labour may become invisible and the most vulnerable and marginalised children may end up with irregular school attendance, lower levels of learning and could be forced to drop out of school. Secondary enrollment is still lagging behind, especially for the most vulnerable children, many who are working’.

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