Chemistry the relative quantities of substances taking part in

Chemistry is something that people use in everyday life. All the food we eat has to do with chemistry. Food has organic compounds that change when they are cooked. It is used in our everyday life when because you need chemistry to do everything.  Stoichiometry is the relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound. The coefficients in a balanced chemical equation represent moles of reactants and moles of products. The mole ratio of reactants and products in a balanced equation must remain constant. Stoichiometry relates to cookies because all the ingredients mixed together make the cookies. In the process of mixing elements in during chemical reactions the precision of measures of the reactants determines the expected outcomes of products. A balanced chemical equation is very similar to a recipe. A balanced chemical equation gives you the ingredients and the final food. The stoichiometric coefficients tell you how much reactants are needed to make a given amount of products. Many of the ingredients used in the kitchen are chemicals, and almost all of the techniques used in cooking are concerned with chemical changes in the food we prepare. The baking powder we use to make pancakes rise is a good example. Sodium bicarbonate powder supplies the carbon dioxide bubbles, and dry acid salts such as tartaric acid and monocalcium phosphate are used to release it by reacting with the bicarbonate. While baking the cookies, there are many chemical reactions. The ingredients that are mixed are the reactants and the cookies are the final product. The ingredients that are chemical reactions are the baking soda ,which is sodium bicarbonate, reacts with acids forming carbon dioxide gas which makes the pockets in the cookies. Proteins and sugars breakdown and rearrange themselves forming ring-like structures reflecting light giving the cookies there brown tint. Sugars breakdown forming sweet flavors within the cookie. The end amount was predicted with the amount of flour I used. I used two cups of flour and I ended up with twenty-eight cookies. I predicted thirty cookies to be made, but i was just short. If I wanted to forty cookies then I would just multiply all my ingredients by two and add that many into my flour. If I would change my ingredients then it would affect my cookies drastically. Some ingredients make the cookies taste like they do and if I change it the cookies would taste a lot different. The changing in ingredients would also change how many cookies are being made. The amount of cookies being made were from the flour I used so if I used something besides flour it would affect how many cookies were made. The recipe can be used to know the nutritional information of the product. If you know what you put into the food you made then you will know it. By knowing the ingredients, I put into the cookies I realize these are not the healthiest things. There is a lot of sugar and butter in these so they are very fattening. The flour I used carried a lot of calories and had a lot of carbs also. The stoichiometry in cooking helped a lot with me knowing the end product by using the equations to figure it out.


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