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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION         Investing in something you need is much harder when you do not know much about it. Monocular is one of those things which can be very useful to everyone but most people are confused about what they should look for in a monocular and how to judge whether it will cater to all their needs or not. Firstly, you should be familiar with the purpose and your need of monocular. You have to understand in what situations, a gadget like this will help you. This book will also give you a brief rundown of history of monoculars.You will truly understand the usefulness of monoculars if you have a passion for photography and the love for wildlife. It is a great gadget to have in your backpack when you go on hunting and other recreational activities like hiking.A monocular has many specific components and different purposes, so you will have to understand the purpose of every component and decide what functionality you can compromise on as a trade-off to find a brand which best suits your needs. But don’t you worry a bit, because this book contains several categories which will cover all your requirements and much more!And hence this book will guide you accordingly and suggest you the right parameters on which you should focus on when buying a monocular. We will also be suggesting the right brands you should look out for, when investing in the monocular of your need.So sit back and get comfy while we take you through a comprehensive yet detailed guide about how to find the perfect monocular for you!CHAPTER 2: What is a monocular?         A monocular is an enhanced form of an optical telescope which uses lens as its objective (refractor, in scientific terms) to form a magnified image of distant objects when light passes through lenses and prisms. Monoculars have a very light weight and are short because they use prisms to reduce the length of optical path and hence this makes them different from telescopes. Another important point to note is that it produces a two-dimensional image while binoculars, counterpart of monocular, have an effect of depth (3D effect) to the image they produce in your eyes. Moreover, its volume and weight are half of binoculars.a.            Purpose of a MonocularMain purpose of a monocular is to have a magnified image of an object which is either too small or too distant to focus with a naked human eye. The second important purpose of a monocular is to have less weight and size as compared to binoculars and telescopes, in order to provide an easy way of carrying it along with excellent mobility.Monocular has a vast range of purposes, ranging from military, to art galleries. It’s of great use for visually impaired people who have vision in only one eye. As they need a weightless tool with them for seeing distant objects or reading very small text.They are a great addition to brief, compact and weightless set of gadgets. As they can help you in viewing distant objects during hunting, hiking and other adventurous sports where you need to keep your luggage close to the minimum for enhanced mobility and ease.The monocular used for these purposes is also known as spotting scope.There are also military purpose monoculars used by army personnel, marines and the navy.Moreover, they are used by archaeologists while they are closely examining historical artifacts and intricate designs. Artwork enthusiasts also use them for the same purpose, to determine the quality and originality of the art work. b.            Brief history Despite the use in many modern applications, monocular is a very ancient device. There are many recorded incidents in history which shows the use of monoculars in medieval wars in old Arabia and other parts of globe. Information from patents show that the monoculars were invented at the start of seventeenth century. James Short invented mirrors which were parabolic and elliptic, that produced perfect images without any distortion and were the most suitable for use in telescopes. According to the recorded history, Hans Lippershey was the person who invented first telescope, also making both monocular and binocular variants. But he was not the first one to make a device of such sort because ancient history proves otherwise. They were used in sports and as a distance calibration device used for defence purposes. This was great tool to measure the distance and nature of an approaching army. CHAPTER 3:Reasons to Get a Monocular Monocular is a versatile and must-have tool for people from every walk of life. It is useful for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters.Monoculars have half the weight of binoculars. They are also portable and easy to carry. That’s why they are popular among people who love sports as well as bird-watching due to their portability and excellent magnification capabilities. Let’s review some of the great perks you can enjoy when you have a monocular in your possession. a. Great gadget for recreational activities We all love to go on a trip with our friends and family. Some of us also enjoy the thrills of adventurous sports like hiking or hunting. Having a good quality monocular in such situations can really help you a lot to observe more about your surroundings, which is why you’re going on such trips, right?You can either get a monocular to get a wide and detailed view of the perfect scenery, or to clearly observe your prey when hunting. If you are a gold enthusiast, this is a must have! How else are you going to find a tiny ball in the large expanse of the course?Monocular do not just help you in outdoor activities. They make for a great companion when you’re at your favorite soccer match, or during a music concert when you want to see your favorite singer from up close. They help you clearly watch your favorite performances in theaters and experience every emotion and every move of performers even if you are sitting very far from them. b. DigiscopingIf you are photography enthusiast you must already be familiar with this term. Digiscoping is the activity of taking photos of a distant object through a digital camera in conjunction with a monocular. The monocular infuses the magnified object on lens of the digital camera and the camera captures that image. This application is normally used in bird photography where high magnification is required. Monocular helps in achieving magnification in the range of 25x to 55x. Digiscoping has many advantages over traditional photography and all of this is possible due to the monocular and its great magnification power.You can now capture photos of distant object with high focus using this technique. So next time you want to take shots of birds or planes or any distant object, whether its inanimate or moving, you must have a monocular with you so that your pictures come out crystal clear. c. Spotting scopeMonoculars are widely known as spotting scopes due to the vast use of them as spotting scopes. They are specially designed monoculars in bigger size as compared to other monoculars. If you love viewing landscapes and sceneries and enjoy every detail in it, you should get a spotting scope with wide angle view. If you are a security personnel and your job requires surveillance in any type of area, spotting scope must be a part of your daily life. Spotting scopes are also used by sailors and seamen to spot distant objects in the sea. Hence spotting scopes are specialized monoculars which provide a great range of uses in different fields. d. Best tool for military personnel As discussed in the history section, monoculars have always been a special part in a military’s life. In medieval wars, generals used them to calculate distance of the opposite army and to observe their banners. In the same way, today soldiers in infantry and artillery use specially designed monoculars to locate their targets and attack at specified locations. There is a proper job known as spotter who uses spotting scopes to direct artillery and mortar fire to a specific location. Army men prefer monoculars over binoculars due to their light weight and portability. Monoculars used in army are very durable due to the hard plastic or rubber surface on the outside which makes them suitable for rugged use. Night vision monoculars are also used in military. You can read about night vision monoculars here. e. Help for visually impaired Monoculars prove to be a great friend to people who have vision in one eye only. There are specially designed pocket sized monoculars which are very small and help visually impaired people to read and observe the pictures which they cannot see easily. So if you know someone who is visually impaired, you should definitely suggest monoculars to them and make their life easy. CHAPTER 4: Components to Consider Every monocular consists of certain components and every component has a quality which contributes to the overall quality of the monocular. Every component is defined by a certain parameter. Those parameters determine the type of monocular and the kind of use it is designed for. To find the perfect monocular for yourself, you need to first understand the components, decide how much that component is important to you and choose that monocular which focuses more on the components that are important for you. Here are some important points you should go through when buying a monocular. a.      Weight/SizeYou should keep in mind the size and weight of the monocular you are going to buy because the purpose of having a monocular is to have a portable device for magnification.b.      Magnification PowerHigh magnification power means that you can see at a larger distance and in crisp detail. Monoculars normally have 5x to 8x magnification, but if you want more magnification you can go for monoculars with 10x or higher magnification. But as higher you go in terms of magnification, the field of view becomes smaller. c.      Lens SizeLens size is also a major factor in monoculars. Normally lens size varies from 20mm to 42mm. A bigger lens will provide a wider view along with better and clear image but make your monocular heavy. Monoculars with Small lenses may not have a view like the bigger ones, but at least they have less weight. d.      CoatingThe lenses have anti-glare coating on them to provide an enhanced view. So check if you need coating because the coating can affect the brightness of the view and can improve or obscure the image.e.      Eye relief distanceThis distance is the space between your eye and the eyepiece of monocular and it is crucial because it determines how far you can see the image appearing through the scope of monocular. It is even more important if you wear spectacles.                             The detailed review for every component you should consider before buying a monocular is given here. You must read the article on the link provided before proceeding to the next section.CHAPTER 5: How to find the perfect fit for you?         So after you have understood the nature of components and their use, we will now guide you towards the perfect monocular in total accordance of your needs. You first need to understand the tradeoffs between components. It is not mandatory for your monocular to have all the best components in it so that you get the best of every world. These parameters are closely related to each other and these relations contribute towards your final decision. This book has divided everyone’s needs in several general categories and your needs lie in one of those categories. Moreover, we will be recommending you brands for your category in the next section.a.       Relation of components and what you can compromise.Now we will focus on the selection of components and their relationship. If you want your monocular to be strong and durable, you will need to compromise on the cost. The monoculars which provide high level performance and durability along with portability are costly unless you go for slightly bigger version by compromising portability and ease of carrying it. This type is suitable for heavy duty use.If you need wide angle view in your monocular, you need to compromise a bit on magnification capability. And in the same way, if you want a highly magnifying monocular, then you will need to compromise on the wider view. And if you want both, then certainly, cost will increase. Monoculars also have features like night vision which give you the perfect vision even during the darkest hour. However, these features come at a slightly raised price. Lens size is another component which is related to the weight and view of monocular. If you need clearer and better image with large lens size, you may need to compromise on the weight and hence portability. But if you are fine with normal image and reduced lens size, you can have a monocular of less weight and size and obviously, having best of both will cost you more.In the end, you should always buy the monocular according to your need while giving the minimum consideration to the price factor because long-lasting quality comes at a price.                 b.      Your need and the relevant category         1. Heavy duty useIf you need monoculars for use in hardcore hiking, mountaineering and other hard sports, during surveillance in the different terrains or during the time at sea as a sailor or a boat captain, you need heavy-duty monoculars. These monoculars are specially designed and contains the best components to avoid any error during use. They have a hard build and durable parts to survive heavy use. Your monocular should have low or medium weight, high magnification power, good lens and durability.         2. Recreational useIf you need monoculars for recreational activities then your choice greatly depends on the type of activity. If you want to enjoy beautiful sceneries and vast plains while on trips, you need monocular with wider field of view. If you want to watch the gaming arena closely when watching a match or closely observe a performance in theater, you need a monocular with good magnification power. Same goes for you if you like bird watching. If you like adventure during the night time, you will need one with night vision.         3. Use in digiscopingThe main focus of digiscoping is to get good magnification and getting a clear and focused picture. So you need high magnification and good lens size in your monocular. You may need to compromise on the size and weight. But it won’t pose as a problem as digiscoping normally involves the use of a tripod stand so it can bear the weight and hold the size of your monocular.         4. Military useUse of monoculars in military is more advanced than heavy duty use. The monoculars used in military are of different types. Spotters and snipers use monoculars with high magnification and good lenses to locate the target and calibrate the distance. In military, lightweight monoculars are essential due to portability. Generals and ship captains also need monoculars with wider view to have a bigger picture of what they want to look at.         5. Use for visually impaired         People who have impaired vision in one eye also need monocular but the top priority for them is the size and portability. Another important factor to consider is calibrated magnification in their monoculars. They cannot have huge monoculars to read text and see images. They need pocket-sized monoculars which are easy to carry and provide required magnification and clear image of objects. CHAPTER 6: Recommended Products for every category         a. Heavy duty use                     Polaris Optics Explorer High Powered 12×50 MonocularThis monocular is perfect for every heavy-duty outdoor use. This has been manufactured to provide all the best qualities in one monocular.It provides excellent durability with its strong case. It comes with a tripod. It gives a very clear and bright image and provides 12×50 magnification. The best feature in this monocular is that it is waterproof and fogproof. Check out the full review here   F.Dorla 10X50 Portable HD Dual Focus Optical MonocularThis monocular is perfect for use in surveillance and hard terrains. It is made of special plastic material to provide extra ruggedness and durability.It can magnify images up to 10 times and has 50 mm objective diameter giving a clear picture. It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Check the full review here.         b. Recreational useBestguarder 6x50mm Digital Night Vision MonocularIf you are a wildlife observer or an avid outdoorsman, this one is for you.It has superb image quality and night vision.It’s best quality is that it also has a camcorder. It can magnify images up to six times and has 50 mm objective lens. Learn more about this monocular at this link. 16×52 Dual Focus Zoom Optic Lens MonocularThis monocular is great for birdwatching and hunting.It will also help you during concerts to get a better view of stage or at favorite soccer match. It has a field of view of 22 degree and can give you clear image up to 1000m. Buy this monocular here.         c. Use in digiscopingEnkeeo 16X52 Dual Focus MonocularThis is a good option for digiscoping as it provides 16x magnification. It has fully coated optics and is portable and convenient. Moreover it is water-resistant. Check full review on this link.                 ZENQAI 10X42 Compact Monocular This is a great monocular for use in this category.This monocular performs well in dim light. It provides 10x magnification with 42mm objective diameter. It has multilayer coated optical glass and comes with tripod. Check out more at this link.         d. Military useF.Dorla 10X50 Portable HD Dual Focus Optical MonocularThis monocular is perfect for use in military too. What makes it suitable for military is its plastic material to provide better ruggedness and durability. ABS material is used in its construction with rubber covering for every port. It comes with a compass function which is essential for military use. It can magnify images up to 10 times and has 50 mm objective diameter. Moreover lens is made of BAK4 prism giving a clear picture. It also comes with a lens cover and tripod stand.It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.Check the full review here.         e. Use for visually impaired                 2.5x Monocular With Cord by MaxiAidsIt is a great small sized monocular for people having problem with their vision. It provides 2.5x magnification and has adjustable focus.It comes with a case, cleaning cloth and a neck strap for enhanced usability. Buy this monocular by following this link.


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