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Case 1: Are Farms becoming Digital Farms?1-12 List and describe the technologies used in this case study1. GPS – Global Positioning System.? GPS has been installed in Tractors and other machines to find where they went and to avoid overlapping.? Receive signals from orbiting satellites and farmers can track machine location.? Farmers could monitor the status of the machines from iPad on Tractors Cab.? Optimize production and reduce costs by analyzing the data.2. Prescriptive Planting.? Recommendations provide to farmers by Monsanto and Dupont support farmers to increase their crop output.? Analysis performance to other seeds.? Farmers could also be told to put in precise seeds in different areas.? Farmers adjust their crops and plans based on the recommendations.3. Filed Scripts.? Uses genetic characteristics of its seed to analyze the data and provide accurate planting instructions. ? Analyze all the data within a 10 M grid.? Support farmers to identify the areas where more fertilizer is needed and save on fertilizer costs.? Advise appropriate volumes of water.1-14 How is information technology changing the way farmers run their business?Information Technology has changed the way farmers do business tremendously. One of the key business competitiveness is Information Technology. Farmers that cannot habituate to rapid technical change cannot survive in the markets of the future.Data collected from aircraft, self-driving tractors and other forms of automated or sensors provide farmers with information about crop yields, soil moisture and soil quality. Information Technology helps to save money and time while increasing crop yields. Guess work will be eliminated by prescriptive planting to harvesting and crops. Farmers plant only the recommended amount of seed and use the recommended amount of fertilizer to increase the harvest. Which will increase the profit.


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