By, Matthew Gillam
Conformity is the way that the government makes you like everybody else. This is a very major point about how the society works in Fahrenheit 451. Such examples are the way montag atcs before he meets clarisse, the way the children are educated and the products that the government supplies the public.
In Fahrenheit 451 a firefighter named Guy Montag. Montag does not put out fires he started them buy burning banned books. Montag has no second thoughts about what he is doing or why he is doing it until Clarisse. She changes Montag mind about the world and teaches him to appreciate the small things in life. This makes Montag rethink his job as a firefighter.
The children in the world aren’t taught anything in school. “Cram them full of non combustible data, chock them so damned full of “facts” they feel stuffed, but absolutely brilliant. The “teachers” stuff the pupils with “knowledge” . doing them experience smart. but they are never taught to think any of the information or organize their ain sentiment on affairs. Or at least most don’t they merely run the replies at you. bing. bing. bing. and us sitting at that place for four more hours of film-teacher” ( 29 ) . In being taught not to think for myself. instruction supports conformity. In a similar manner.
in the civilization that Montag lives in. it is expected in everyone to take part in the provided entertainment. mindless news stories and violent games. Parlor walls(another example of conformity) are made up of a level screen on a wall sometimes there were tvs on all 4 walls and sometimes there were only 1. In the story the number of TVs on your parlor walls is a reflection on how wealthy you are. Faber says. “The televisor is “real” . It is immediate. Another way the government make you like everybody else is the seashell headphones. You put them on in your sleep and it pumpes you full of information. This device tells you how to act and respond to what happens in everyday life in this society.
The conformity in fahrenheit 451 is everywhere. From how Montag actes before he meets clarisse. And the children in the society not being taught anything. To how Mildred and her friends are fixated on the Parlor walls. Conformity is everywhere because the government makes it that way.


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