Bringing (Flea allergy dermatitis) Due to flea saliva, some


Bringing a new furry companion into the home can be
overwhelming but the dog owner needs to be prepared to deal with an unfortunate
situation. Puppy fleas can create a miserable situation for your little furry
friend as it will lead him to constant scratching and itching. In the severe
situation, it can make your puppy suffer from anemia. So, the dog owner needs
to take potential measures to deal with it as you don’t want your four-legged
friend to scratch crazily. A single flea can make a colony easily within a
short span of time as they don’t take much time in multiplying and expanding
their population.

Let’s discuss the various ways for your furry’s effective
flea treatment

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The very first symptom that you will notice is intensely
scratching mainly at the lower end of the body; it can cause allergies in the
pup skin. You need to take potential steps to make your furry companion free of

The next symptom that you will notice is hair loss, if your
dog is losing excessive hair then you need to examine whether it is due to flea

The next symptom is to check whether your puppy’s gums are
pink or not as fleas can suck out enough blood from your puppy’s body making
him anemic.

If you observe any sign then you need to examine the lower
end of your puppy’s body and also the belly region as fleas are often seen in
these areas. Moreover, it can make your puppy’s skin too sensitive and often
leads to allergies.

allergy dermatitis)

Due to flea saliva, some breeds of dogs may get prone to
diseases called FAD (flea allergy dermatitis) which can a cause severe problem
like infection, bumps, scabs, intense hair loss etc. So, the dog owner needs to
be careful about it.

The dog is infected with fleas then there are high chances
that he may also be suffering from this condition.

So, if you see any such signs then clean the area thoroughly
and you can also use some flea repellent products that will effectively kill
the fleas immediately.


A few numbers of regular bites are enough to cause an
allergic reaction in the flea-allergic dogs. Many studies have proved that the
different antigens present in the saliva of flea are responsible for allergies in the dog.
The allergic reactions can make them prone to the other diseases which required
proper medication. A regular bite to a dog which is not flea-allergic will not
cause such hypersensitivity reaction. Using preventative medications is the only
way out to avoid such situation from happening.


In order to treat the problem of flea, firstly we need to
understand their life cycle. There are 4 stages in their life cycle starting
from an egg then they evolve into a larva then cocoon and then finally they
become an adult. This life cycle largely depends upon the availability of high
temperature and nourishment. If it gets optimal condition for nourishment then
he can grow up as an adult within a short span of time. The flea’s host that is
a dog here is a warm-blooded animal and can provide them ample nourishment for
growth. If you understand their cycle then it will become easier to take
necessary measures to avoid them as now you know that they will grow if they
get the proper environmental condition. Make sure that the area where your
four-legged friend spends most of his time gets direct sunlight as fleas cannot
bear direct sunlight.


The dog owner needs to consider his puppy’s age and size
before treating him as some products are meant for the usage of adults and if
you use it over your small furry then it may not prove effective and can also
harm him.

There are some products available on the market that may
prove beneficial for your pup if he is more than 6 months old but if he is too
young then it is not advisable to use any such products over him so, in that
case, all you need to do is groom him regularly with the help of flea comb as
it will help you in taking all the fleas off his body.

If your puppy is around 6 months or older, you can find the
products in the market which may prove beneficiary for him. Age factor plays a
crucial role in deciding the kind of medication that you need to provide your
furry companion.


In order to control fleas over your puppy’s skin, consider
following these steps:

Use herbal composition shampoos for bathing your
four-legged friend, and avoid using any kind of shampoos which has chemicals in

Use a flea comb while grooming your pup.

You can spray home-made mixes of lemon or sage
with water, it will effectively kill the parasite and it will also soothe your
puppy from flea bites.

Apply the mixture of dried bay & rosemary
with pyrethrum power over the coat of puppy. It will also help in killing the

Bath him using apple cider vinegar in the water
as it will help in fighting off the fleas

In order to control fleas in its surrounding, consider
following these steps:

Consider cleaning the carpets by vacuuming them

Wash your puppy’s bed with detergent

Dust boric acid and borax under the furniture,
it will help in killing the fleas and these are non-toxic powders so it is safe
to use them.

If you reside in a warmer area, then you can go
for pest control.

If you reside in a cold region then you can opt
for pest control in the warmer weather as fleas disappear during the cold

Insect growth regulator sprays are considered
beneficial for preventing fleas from reproducing which will eventually put an
end to their life cycle.

Clean out all the shady spot in your backyard as
fleas generally live in a shady area to avoid any contact with direct sunlight.



As prevention is better than cure, so the dog owners need to
take all necessary measures to avoid any possibility of fleas as carries the
larvae of tapeworm which can result in many severe issues. So, the dog owner
needs to examine the puppy’s coat while grooming and if you get any traces of
flea then clean all the supplies of the infected dog. Look for the fleas in
your dog’s armpit, groin, and ears. Fleas are generally tiny in size and dark
in color and they mostly prefer to live in dark and moist areas. You can also
use other various methods for protection against fleas like flea collars, flea
products, Spot on treatments etc.

The best way to prevent your puppy from fleas is to feed him
well nutritious diet which will make his body immune from any kind of parasitic

The immune system is strong then it will fight off any kind of
health issues. You can ask your veterinarian about the best diet
for your puppy.


Fleas can create a miserable situation in your puppy’s life.
The best way to deal with them is to pay more attention while grooming them and
monitor their scratching areas. The dog is already infected with this problem
then you can consider bringing certain change in your furry companion’s
lifestyle. Puppy loves to roam around in the backyard then you need to ensure
that they don’t get exposed to fleas present in the environment. Fleas are
generally present in dark and humid areas so if your dog loves to play in the
shade then all you need to do is groom him well after his play sessions. If your
puppy loves to play indoors then he is less likely to get infected with fleas.

Another thing that a dog owner needs to consider is that age
factor and health factor plays a vital role in choosing the type of product
that he would require. Before buying any kind of dog product, you need to
ensure that whether it is safe for them or not as many adult dog products are
toxic to small puppies.

A flea infected puppy can suffer from anemia so one needs to
take possible measures to avoid such situation and don’t forget to consult your
veterinarian if any such extreme circumstance occurs.

Lastly, the dog owner needs to stay calm and composed if you
come across that your puppy is infected with fleas then thoroughly clean his
bedding with anti-flea detergent. Make use of vacuum cleaner to scoop out all
the eggs and larvae from your house. Make sure to bring little change in your puppy’s
lifestyle as small changes will help in dealing with fleas.

Follow up all the necessary instructions to keep your furry
companion’s health intact.


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