Branding has turned into a mainstream and intense promoting instrument for tourism destination

Branding has turned into a mainstream and intense promoting instrument for tourism destination. Having a suitable positioning means reaching the way to effective goal marking. In addition, According to World Economic Forum, that the United Arab Emirates, positioned 29th all-inclusive, keeps on being the most travel and tourism focused nation in the area so far. Its execution keeps on enhancing increasing 1.4% in score since 2015; the nation attracted 14.4 million worldwide guests in 2015, 4 million over two years. Abu Dhabi is a new tourism destination in the UAE playing a huge role in contributing in the economy. It has focused on building its infrastructure, hoteling, and others to accommodate the needs of international clients; tourists. The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority has taken a serious measure in order to improve their position and plan. In order to collect data for this study, we went to different places where we could find our participants. And the sample sizes determine the analysis of this survey is 620 people, age between 18 years old and above, both gender male and female. The target populations of this survey are the local Emirati who live in Abu Dhabi and the tourists who visited Abu Dhabi. This has helped us to set a focus and create methodically. The consequences of the examination demonstrate that a large part of the participants neglected to know the Abu Dhabi tourism brand with 279 out of 620 fails to understand the logo. The most imperative esteem the participants decide for heading out to different nations is safety with a mean of 4.8, and its connected in Abu Dhabi with a mean of 4.9. This investigation has advantage suggestions for the administration and tourism organizations since they will have the capacity to enhance the tourism part in Abu Dhabi.


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