Brand Of these 2, coke is the clear winner

Brand Equity: the Inter brand in 2011 has awarded Coca Cola the highest brand recognition. Coca-Cola with its broad global presence and its exclusive brand identity is undoubtedly one of the most expensive brands with the brand’s greatest heritage.
2. Business evaluation: Coca-Cola is one of the most valuable companies in the world and is estimated at approximately $ 79.2 billion. This evaluation covers the value of the brand, the numerous factories and companies around the world and the total costs of the operations and the benefit of Coca Cola.
3. Wide global presence: Coca-Cola is present in 200 countries around the world. You will probably find the coke on that market in every country you visit. This enormous global presence of coke has also contributed to the construction of the mammoth brand.
4. More participation in the market: there are only two major competitors in the drinking segment: Pepsi and Coca Cola. Of these 2, coke is the clear winner and therefore has the largest market share. Coca Cola, Thums up, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fanta, Limca and Maaza are the growth factors of Coca Cola.
5. Fantastic marketing strategies: Coca Cola always tries to win the hearts of people, unlike Pepsi. While Pepsi’s goal constantly evolves and is aimed at young people, coca cola is aimed at people of all ages. The selection of goals is also performed by celebrities who are very dear, such as Amitabh Bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Aishwarya Rai, Aamir Khan, etc.
6. Customer loyalty: with such solid products it is logical that Coca-Cola is very loyal to customers. The products mentioned above such as Coca Cola and Fanta have a large following. People prefer these drinks to others. Because of the good taste of Coca Cola finding substitutes becomes difficult for the customer.
7. Distribution network: Coca Cola has the largest distribution network due to the difficult market of its products. On the other hand, thanks to this successful distribution network, Coca Cola has managed to control such a high presence in the market


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