Bradley be a problem? “By Moustafa Bayoumi. In the

Bradley WhitmanMr. Cheung Period 3 10-13-2017Does diversity help or hinder us?            People only do things for their own gain. Think about it, the reasoning to go to school is getting a good job to make more money. We choose to volunteer and help people to look better on college applications and to change their view on us. People in the USA have the mindset of putting themselves first, rather than sharing their resources father betterment of the community. The effect of this leads to inequality. In Sweden, every citizen is viewed as equal. They get free schooling, free insurance, and even free healthcare. This leads to a mindset of equality and the goal of keeping the welfare of the people, rather than the competitiveness to be better than to be better than each other. With this goal in place, people are working and pitching in leads to more time off and paid leave if giving birth to a baby. I think that the way to thane America would be to forget the American dream.     This is shown I the book “How does it feel to be a problem? “By Moustafa Bayoumi. In the second chapter, a soldier named Sami has the problem of telling his squad mates that he is a different race then  he claimed. In the interview Sami, a marine in the army pretends to be a Spanish to hide the fact that he is Muslim. While this works at the start they later find out that he is Muslim and he is harassed for it. I agree with the right to be different than others but I think that it hinders out success as a team. Many people will look at the outside personalities rather than the inner part that shapes how we communicate with each other. In a closed-off society like Sweden, I think it is one of the main reasons that the citizens work well together to make sure everyone is equal and is taken care of.     The reason I think this way is because pits each other against each other, trying to be better than one another and being selfish. We do not want to help people because we are afraid of others passing you in the race for the American dream. In terms of the economic ratio of the use and Sweden, Sweden has a better economy and has less debt owed by the government.Before I go into detail on points that show the advantages of Sweden being a very un-diverse country I should elaborate on what it’s like.     The country of Sweden is located in the northern part of Europe. The countries around it are Norway, Finland, and Denmark. With a population of 10 million, most of the country is a rural place, with tons of farmland. Approximately 85% of the population lives in urban areas. The climate is in general very mild and maintains an average temperature of 73 degrees.     Sweden is most well-known for its flourishing society and its resources being shared evenly with its people. The swedes are known for their generosity donating more than1.2 trillion dollars to humanitarian aid organizations each year. While taxes are high the benefits are free health care, education and many more amenities you can benefit from. Sweden is one of the greenest countries, recycling almost all of its trash.         The next category I would like to cover is statistics that are crime related. In terms of murders occurring per 100k people Sweden and there are less than one occurring. In the US however in the same survey if 100k people around 5 murders occur. When you multiply this ratio by the population of the US, you find out that over 15,672 murders are committed. The even scarier numbers are the rate of murders committed by youths. Just like the ratio in the data prior the rate in Sweden is under 1 while we have a rate of 30 murders per 1,000,000 people. While this survey is done on an equal basis it does not account for the differences in race, religion, and mindset. It cannot be just a coincidence that the rates of murder are occurring in vast amounts compared to a less diverse country like Sweden.     As sad as these sounds it gets worse. The obesity rate in the US is around 30.6% of the people are obese while only 9.7% of Sweden is overweight. In my opinion, I think that this is greatly influenced by the fact that companies market themselves so much that we are overwhelmed by ads for fast food restaurants veering or decisions on what to eat by doing this it creates a trap, like an endless cycle of unhealthy eating. The next thing in this list is teen pregnancies. As dumb as this may sound American teens have children in a ratio of every 500 children.     Talking about all this stuff makes it seem as though there is no hope, but there are some good things. The reason that Sweden is known for their great school system is not only because it is free but because of the student-teacher ratio. There is a 9:1 ratio of a teacher to student. The life expectancy is also a lot longer in Sweden. For males, it is 80 and for females, it is around 82. I think that the environment created causes a safer and more effective environment than the one in the US.     To close this paper out I think that the reasoning is sound and we can better learn the ways that shape our success. we as a people need to look past our differences and instead look at the skills each other has and use that to our advantage to fuel our success as a nation. This is most important in this day an age, where protests and riots litter the streets. By dividing, we are making ourselves weak and showing that we are not able to overcome this kind of disaster. When we choose to stand as one and not many are the time that the US will be back to its former glory. Sources1. Unknown. “Sweden .” Sweden | Data,,”2. 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