Both Germany and Italy were influenced by the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte

Both Germany and Italy were influenced by the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte. Italy admired Napoleon, at first, because of his Italian campaign in 1796. Him and his armies were treated with high regard for their education of liberalism and nationalism to the Italian people. The united Kingdom of Italy and other reforms are credited to Napoleon. However, as time went by Napoleon became more of a dictator and the people of Italy began resist his power. Over in Germany Napoleon reduced over three-hundred states to only thirty-nine states calling it the confederation of the Rhine. Both Austria and Prussia were defeated by Napoleon and in result Prussia modernized and advanced her army and government to fight back. This birthed the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 when Prussia led other German states to defeat Napoleon.
In 1814-1815 the Congress of Vienna, which was composed of leaders from European countries and Russia, met to negotiate long term peace plan for Europe after the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. They wanted to restore old boundaries and resize main powers so they could balance each other out. The German Confederation was formed but put under the control of Austria. Italy was redivided into many smaller states again which were controlled by mainly Austria. These finial decisions lead many German and Italian patriots very angry with the Congress of Vienna and Austria.
One major similarity between both countries unification process was the economic advantage of the leading state. Germany’s leading state was Prussia and with their Zollverein which was created under the Prussian Customs union. The Zollverein came into act in 1818 and strengthened ties with German states leaving Austria to suffer repercussions. While Italy did not have anything like the Zollverein but they did have a financially intelligent prime minister in the state of Piedmont by the name of Count Camillo Cavour. Cavour. Cavour was able to increase the amount of trade through the peninsula with the help of the railway tracks.


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