Ben in his blood and this caused him to

Ben requires treatments as he hasn’t got enough oxygen in his blood and this caused him to have problems with breathing as well as eating and drinking. Children with bronchiolitis are recommended to have extra oxygen and the amount of oxygen in the blood is measured with a pulse oximeter, this is either attached to the child’s finger or toe. Ben had thin tubes in his nose in order to receive more oxygen. He was given fluids through a feeding tube (this is known as a nasogastric tube) as he was having troubles with eating (NHS, 2015). This tube was in Ben’s mouth and the fluid was travelled down to his stomach. Ben’s parents were asking for their child to have antibiotics. However, the NICE guideline highlights that antibiotics should not be given to children to treat bronchiolitis. (NICE, 2015) This clearly indicates that antibiotics are not effective in managing bronchiolitis. Ben being refused to be given antibiotics by the nurses can cause his parents to feel like the nurses are ignoring them and they may also feel like the nurses are not doing well enough in managing Ben’s condition. This can also cause the parents to not have a good relationship with the nurses. Ben has an infection and he was put into isolation in a single room, the reason why he was in there is to prevent infection from spreading to patients, staffs, and visitors. Staffs are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)  including apron and gloves; they’re also required to wash their hands effectively to prevent infections from passing on to others. Ben required to stay in the hospital for a couple of days and being in isolation can make him feel very lonely, bored and sad. If Ben was put in a bay instead of a side room then his experience in the hospital will be positive as he’ll be with other children and he wouldn’t feel lonely. He would have also been able to go out to the playroom to play with other patients.


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