Being Centre for Entrepreneurship Development. This camp included different

a child of middle class family, I always wanted to do something valuable which
will embrace my self-confidence, because my family has a non-engineering
background, so as my nature of fighting against the odds I chose to complete my
Diploma in Engineering right after accomplishing my 10th class. The
excitement for gaining the knowledge about how does the mechanism of anything
works I actually started studying about mechanical branch right after
completing my 10th grade, after surveying and studying about the
Mechanical branch I came to know that it is also referred as “Mother branch of
Engineering”. And that was the best attention seeker or else where would I find
a branch which has basics of not only mechanical but also of other branches
such as “electronics and telecommunication, mechatronics, electrical, civil, etc.”

attraction towards machineries, instruments and their working drove my interest
in the field of mechanical engineering. To gain basic as well as deep knowledge
about the various subjects in the field of mechanical I have attained diploma
in mechanical engineering of 3 years from MGM’s Polytechnic Aurangabad,
Maharashtra, India, immediately after 10th class. While pursuing the
diploma I was an active member of Mechanical Engineering Students Association
events organization committee, due to this I got an overall experience of
managing an event and carrying out smooth team work, which gave me a bliissful
learning experience about management.

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carrying out my 2nd year in diploma we had an Entrepreneurship
Awareness Camp (ISO 9001-9008 certified organization) of about 3 days under the
Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development. This camp included different
kind of group activities regarding advertisements, marketing, and also to let
us know the value and importance of team work, we were given different tasks to
carry out with the help of every team mate. Also the honorable guests gave us a
lot of ideas and boosted our confidence and also their presentation attracted
my interest towards Entrepreneurship. I also completed auto-cad course which is
a basic designing software of Mechanical engineering at Indo-German Tool Room
Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. After diploma during vacations I finished with
CATIA designing software course from CADCAM GURU Pune, Maharashtra, India, to
enhance my knowledge regarding 3D modelling, surface modelling, and casting.

to involvement of various subjects in the mother branch including subjects like
management I opted for Mechanical branch. With my ongoing journey in this
course from the past 3 years I have completed with basic industrial automation
course as automation is the leading technology in today’s era. Now while continuing
with final year I chose Industrial Engineering as my elective subject for the
procurement of my healthy career. In this elective subject I will be studying
work study, motion and time study, inventory management, motion economy, as
well as a few Japanese techniques like KAIZEN and Just In Time. Correspondingly
this subject will be beneficial from the point of view regarding my Master’s
degree in industrial supply chain management.

am working on my final year project that is implementation of lean manufacturing
project with the valuable guidance of Prof. B.C. Sandhu at Utkarsha Auto Parts
PVT. LTD. Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Basically the main motive of the
project is to find and sort out problems or difficulties related to VSM (Value
Stream Mapping), inventory, cycle time, operation time of machinery and other
difficulties faced by workers to escalate productivity of the company and
efficiency of workers due to which company will gain profit as well as
reputation among the hub of companies. Working on the project in live industry
we are gaining practical experience about industrial management in all aspects as
well as we are learning to implement theoretical subject knowledge into it.

from academics, to better understand implementation of theoretical knowledge
into practical I help my elder brother in his small scale industry that is
plastic blow molding which is a startup and has a lot of scope for industrial

             My main motive is to know industry and
corporate life in a better and detailed way and would like to work with a
reputed company for a few years in order to gain experience and learn every
possible minute things that will help me in the future, as I am willing to set
up my own firm or business as I wish to become an entrepreneur. With the aim of
starting a firm or business I contemplate that supply chain management will be
the best suitable program for me to specialize in Master’s Degree.

            I wish
to study in your reputed and well organized university in order to enhance my
personality and achieve my career goal. Also due to friendly faculty members
and best surrounding or environment to pursue my Master’s Degree in order to
enjoy my studies with ease I look forward for getting admitted in your
university so as to embrace my extracurricular activities and am sure that if I
study from your university I will be able to shine in the world full of chaos
and rise among the others and make you proud of my achievements.














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