Before view. The Plains Indian Museum shows the character

Before heading to
Yellowstone National Park there is a tourist attraction called The Buffalo Bill
Historical Center. It is based on William F. Cody a.k.a Buffalo Bill. There are
five different museums and a library. The Buffalo Bill Museum explores, the history
and the founding of Cody, WY. It shows the behind stories of the American West
and brings them to life. The Cody Firearms Museum, which shows tons of firearms
and the history behind all of them. The Draper Natural History Museum, which
shows the relationship between man and nature. They also have a Draper Museum
Raptor experience for visitors to get an up close and personal with the birds
of prey, which is one of Wyoming predators. The Whitney Western Art Museum has
inspiring paining’s in the view of artists eyes and their point of view. The
Plains Indian Museum shows the character of the American West and what they use
to wear, their history, traditions, and how they use to live. The McCracken
Research Library is in depth material about information on the historical


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