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BANG! Your shot! “No.” says the policeman. “Only by a radar gun. You owe me twenty bucks.” “WHAT!?! That’s the sixth time this week!!!” Radar guns should not be used by municipal police forces in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania legislature is about to let local police use radar guns and I say NO! Here’s why: state troopers should be the only ones using it, the municipal police forces could abuse it, and radar guns are not helpful. First of all, state troopers should be the only ones using it. State troopers should be the only ones using it because trying to pass the law for municipal police force to use radar guns has failed 50 years before. That means that the Pennsylvania legislature didn’t like the idea of the law and turned it down. Also Pennsylvania local police don’t know if someone is speeding or not. A.K.A. they don’t quite know what they’re doing with radar guns because they are less experienced, remember state troopers have been the only ones using it for over 50 years. So they have been practicing, practicing, and some more PRACTICING how to use radar guns correctly. Also they say giving out tickets is for safety but it turns out that all they are doing is lying to innocent people they pull over (well that’s only some police. Not all.) But with the state troopers it’s easier to understand because they give less tickets out than the normal police do. Also the local police do it so they can make money easier and for them it’s like money grows on trees. When state troopers only give out tickets when needed. Second of all, they could abuse it. They could abuse it because they could go out on roads, highways, and backroads more to make more money. But what stinks about that is it doesn’t go straight to the police department, it goes straight to the government. So then the government would use it for governmental things and the police wouldn’t get any. Also don’t forget, if we pay more for tickets (which is $20.00 each) we may not have enough money to buy/pay for the resources we need. For example: food, clothes, homes, etc. What I think is one of the most dirtiest trick that they do is that they know when people see the speed limit they increase speed and don’t slow down. So, then while the person is “speeding” the police turn on their sirens, pull the person over, and fine them.Third of all, radar guns are not helpful. Speed Guns are not helpful because they’re one of the cheapest technologies police forces use. That means it might not have as much of a good quality as more expensive technologies that are out there and the ones they could use. Furthermore, radar guns may not give you accurate speeds. James Sikorski Jr., the Pennsylvania advocate, has even questioned the radar gun giving you the right speeds by saying, “Radar would encourage the issuance of more tickets because it’s easier and cheaper than some current technology.”  What’s helpful though is that most police use something called VASCAR which is very effective. What’s even better is that radar guns only have so much distance. But VASCAR has no limit depending on eyesight.Critics may say that radar guns and tickets would help us make more money. But you have to think that the tickets and the radar guns are actually taking the money away from us by the regular police billing us with more tickets. All together, Municipal police forces should not be allowed to use radar guns. Because it should only be state troopers using it, the municipal police force could abuse it, and radar guns are not helpful. Something to think about is what YOU think about the Pennsylvania legislature getting the law passed? Do you think it’s good or bad? To learn more look it up on the web or read a book about it from your local library.


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