Audio Visual Aids are likewise called instructional material. Audio

Audio Visual Aids are likewise called instructional material. Audio truly signifies “hearing” and “visual” implies what is found by observing. So all such aids, which try to influence the information to clear to us through our sense are called “Audio Visual Aids” or Instructional Material. All these learning material make the learning circumstances as genuine as could be allowed and give us firsthand information through the organs of hearing and seeing. Along these lines, any gadget which can be utilized to influence the figuring out how to encounter more concrete and powerful, more reasonable and dynamic can be considered audio visual material. We learn through our sense organs. Faculties are the methods for learning. All the sense organs help us in understanding the earth. The vast majority of the information, which we get from the school, gets through our ears and eyes. Focal points of Audio/Visual aids: (I) Best Motivators They are the best sparks. Understudies work with more intrigue and enthusiasm. They are more mindful. (ii) Fundamental to Verbal Instructions They help to lessen verbalism which is a noteworthy shortcoming of our schools. They pass on an indistinguishable importance from words mean. They give clear ideas and in this way help to acquire precision learning. (iii) Clear Images Clear pictures are shaped when we see, hear, touch, taste and smell as our encounters are immediate, concrete and pretty much lasting. Learning through the faculties turns into the most characteristic and thus the least demanding. (iv) Vicarious Experience Everybody consents to the way that the direct experience is the best sort of educative experience however such an affair can’t generally be given to the students a so in a few circumstances certain substitutes must be given. For this we locate an expansive number of blocked off items and marvel. For instance every one of the understudies in India can’t in any way, shape or form be demonstrated Taj Mahal and so forth. In every single such case audio-visual aids give us the best substitutes. (v) Freedom The utilization of audio-visual aids give different events to the student to move about, talk, chuckle and remark upon. Under such an environment the understudies work since they need to work and not on account of the instructor needs them to work. 


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