At the age of 12

At the age of 12, Howard got his first job. At first, he sold newspapers and then worked in a local café. He faced a rather tough experience when he turned 16 years old. It was when he working at a fur store and had to deal with stretching leathers. This tiring and exhausting job however only made Howard stronger as well as firmed his wish to succeed in the future. Schultz excelled in sports at a young age and was then rewarded an athletic scholarship to further his studies in Northern Michigan University. Schultz then graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1975. After graduating, Howard Schultz was a sales manager at Xerox for three years and started working for a Swedish company, Hammarplast, where he sold home appliances, including coffee grinders to businesses like Starbucks Coffee Company. Slowly, he discovered that this little company purchased a sum of coffee machines way more than other coffee shops. Soon, Howard Schultz then took the decision to meet the owners of this little company (Starbucks Coffee Company) in Seattle.


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