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At present, advertising is an integral part of the life of modern society. It affects the majority of the population every day, as it is distributed everywhere: on the Internet, newspapers and magazines, on television, on radio, on billboards, in transport, is sent by mail. From a small age, we are developing under the influence of advertising. Go to any kindergarten and you will hear how the children quote it in huge quantities. This creates an ideal consumer, amenable to its impact. Advertising is one of the parts of mass culture, since it is popular among various sections of society, it is oriented to the liking of everyone. She tells people how to act in this or that situation, modeling their behavior, influencing the aesthetic taste. Also, advertising is the decoration of streets, because no city now can not imagine without the presence of bright billboards, getting rid of which, everything around immediately becomes gray and dull.
The word “advertising” came from Latin and meant “to assert, shout out.” Advertising is information disseminated in any way, in any form and with the use of any means, addressed to an indeterminate circle of persons and aimed at drawing attention to the object of advertising, forming or maintaining interest in it and promoting it in the market. Also, advertising can be of several types: commercial, political and social. It is commercial advertising that agitates people in choosing in favor of a particular product. And one of the important questions is how, after all, advertising manages to influence and influence the consumer, as well as by what means she succeeds.

One of the main tasks of advertising is to inform the consumer about the quality of the goods, the useful properties and the benefits of using it. This is done in order to attract the attention of consumers of other brands or those who have never consumed this product. The purpose of this is to increase brand awareness and maintain the interest of consumers who use this product. Also, the notice in the advertisement of the price of the goods is very important, so that the consumer clearly understands whether the product is suitable for him or not.
There are many ways to attract the attention of the consumer, for this, the advertisement must contain a vivid picture, pleasant music or memorable phrase. All this will leave an impression of advertising.
There are many types of advertising that characterize what exactly this advertising is created for. It depends on what the advertising is targeted at. It can be created in order to make a pleasant impression on the product or on the company itself, perhaps in order to remember the logo of the company to the consumer. Stimulating advertising, for example, aims to increase sales of the product. Corporate advertising promotes the brand, not the product itself. Comparative advertising allows you to compare the company’s products with the products of competitors.

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2 The effectiveness of advertising.
Despite the fact that the consumer is absolutely free in the choice of a particular product, advertising can affect it, if the proposal meets its needs. For this, advertising should be effective.
A consumer is the person to whom advertising is directed, which should interest him in buying the advertised product. To induce the consumer to choose this product, the advertiser needs to know for which audience this product is intended, then it will clearly understand the motivation and behavior of the consumer. To identify such a target group, several characteristics should be considered: geographic, for example, to find out for the village or city residents the goods; Demographic to determine the age or sex of the consumer; behavioral in order to have information about the intensity of consumption of this product or sympathy for this brand. It is necessary to know from the very beginning who the advertisement will be targeted to, what attributes these people unite, because usually to goods that interest young people, pensioners are absolutely indifferent; men will not use cosmetics designed for women.
Effective commercial advertising must necessarily contain several components. 1. Ability to attract attention. This is important, because advertising should focus on the categories of consumers for which it is designed. 2. The force of influence on the consumer’s emotions must be present in advertising, as people should have a desire to buy the goods, for which the argument present in it should be rather convincing. 3. Informative, since advertising should clearly state the information about the product, its utility is shown.
There are several ways to know the effectiveness of one or another advertisement. Usually people are interviewed on the street or on the Internet, but it is best to learn from the number of purchases made for this product, because the results of surveys can not show the exact information or the actions of respondents may differ from their testimony. At a low level of perfect purchases, it is better to study the consumer to whom the given product is directed and to conduct a more successful advertising campaign.
3 The role of the person advertising the product.
People who advertise the product can help to be more convincing. Usually the consumer is more strongly affected by advertising, in which the goods are presented by an ordinary person, and not by someone who is interested in increasing the sales of this product, who is trying hard to influence the consumer, convincing him of the need for this purchase. People will more believe the advice of the common man, who is with them in the same social group. Or to some authority, that is, an athlete or any artist who will share his experience with the consumer.
Usually the appearance of men and women in advertising is focused on the content of social roles, which they usually perform in life. Men most often advertise machines to take their family out to rest or show their own social status; since most of the male population loves football, they advertise TVs for a pleasant viewing of this game or beer, without which there is not a single match; men also like to eat, so it is advantageous to portray a husband in advertising, who enjoys enjoying his wife’s dinner with some tasty seasoning. A woman often acts as a caring mother, who represents baby food and means for caring for a child; she is also a good housewife, who needs to monitor the house and use cleaning tools; but most often in advertising, a woman uses cosmetics to maintain their own beauty. Men and women in advertising are engaged in the same things as in life, and therefore use the same things.
The appearance of a star in advertising will certainly attract the attention of the consumer. But before choosing a well-known personality for a commercial, you need to understand whether this product is suitable, whether it is convincing to look. If a star that advertises meat will be a vegetarian, then the consumer from this will not buy more of this meat. Also, the star should attract the sympathy of those who view advertising, cause consumer confidence, have some authority.
The greatest confidence of consumers is caused by the evaluation of this product by specialists. A woman will buy a cream if the cosmetologist advises it. People will use toothpaste if the dentist says that it is effective in fighting caries.

4 The attitude of people to advertising.
October 22, 2010 The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion published data on the attitude of Russians towards advertising. According to the results of this study, it became known that the majority of respondents do not trust advertising (62%), but at the same time 44% of respondents admit that they made purchases under the influence of advertising, that is, after viewing it, but most of them do not consider their purchases successful.
In general, the respondents negatively relate to advertising for the reasons that it does not give full information about the product and encourages buying completely unnecessary goods.
It is known that a person is better at advertising when there is an acquaintance with the goods, and not when the relationship to the product has already been formed. It is much more difficult to change the established views on the goods, because the consumer already has some information about him. Also, if the consumer has a negative opinion about the product, a serious commercial will help fix this, and if it is initially positive, then a humorous movie will help to love it even more.
Advertising does not necessarily cause a negative attitude. It can be beautiful, that is, it can deliver aesthetic pleasure, cause laughter and improve mood, evoke tenderness in some cases. Advertising to some extent idealizes our life, as in the world of advertising, all people are beautiful, there are ideal relations between them, many want to take an example from these images. It can be considered as a work of art, like a small movie, and which is always a good end, there are not too serious problems. So advertisers should try to make a pleas


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