At guarantees on safeguards and liability) has given way

present, India and the US share an extensive and expanding cultural, strategic,
military, and economic relationship which is in the phase of
implementing confidence building measures (CBM) to overcome the legacy
of trust deficit – brought about by adversarial US foreign
policies and multiple instances of technology denial – which have
plagued the relationship over several decades. Unrealistic expectations after
the conclusion of the 2008 U.S.–India Civil Nuclear Agreement (which underestimated
negative public opinion regarding the long-term viability of nuclear power
generation and civil-society endorsement for contractual guarantees on
safeguards and liability) has given way to pragmatic realism and refocus on
areas of cooperation which enjoy favorable political and electoral consensus.


recent developments include the rapid growth of India’s economy, closer ties
between the Indian and American industries especially in the Information and
communications technology (ICT), engineering and medical sectors, an informal
alliance to manage an increasingly assertive China, robust
cooperation on counter-terrorism, the deterioration of U.S.-Pakistan relations, easing of export controls over
dual-use goods & technologies (99% of licenses applied for are now
approved), and reversal of long-standing American opposition to India’s
strategic program.

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Income creation in the USA through knowledge-based employment by Asian
Indians has outpaced every other ethnic group according to U.S. Census data.
Indian American households are the most prosperous in the USA with a median
revenue of US$100,000, followed by Chinese Americans at US$65000. The average
household revenue in the USA is US$50000.

February 2017, Indian ambassador to the U.S. Navtej Sarna
hosted a reception for the National Governors Association (NGA), which was attended by
the Governors of 25 states and senior representatives of 3 more states. This
was the first time such an event has occurred. Explaining the reason for the
gathering, Virginia Governor and NGA Chair Terry McAuliffe
stated that “India is America’s greatest strategic partner”. He
further added, “We clearly understand the strategic importance of India,
of India-US relations. As we grow our 21st century economy, India has been so
instrumental in helping us build our technology, medical professions. We
recognize a country that has been such a close strategic ally of the US. That’s
why we the Governors are here tonight.” McAuliffe, who has visited India
15 times, also urged other Governors to visit the country with trade
delegations to take advantage of opportunities.


the current President Donald Trump has also been very vocal in the support of
India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also made various trips to
America during his tenure. His drive to encourage US investment in India with
projects like “Make in India” have proven to attract more attention towards
India, along with more foreign investment.
















for future


India’s relationship with USA is likely to
remain stable for a sustained period of time. However, with the change in
Presidency and the cloud of uncertainty surrounding it, India should be looking
to diversify and spread its gaze to other countries in order to further its
economic development goals.

The UK, Canada, and Peru as well as economic communities in
Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central Asia are top potential trading
partners. Also, completing current negotiations with the EU, Australia, and
especially the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement will be
vital for India to broaden its market access while upgrading its trading
standards and capacity.




whatever extent the Trump Administration’s ‘America First’ policy regime may or
may not challenge Indo-US relations, India’s core focus must remain on
promoting mutually beneficial trade arrangements and cooperation bilaterally,
regionally, and multilaterally. The unnerving lack of predictability from the
United States should not invite reactionary approaches from the Indian
government, businesses, or citizenry. If India is guided by grounded principles
based in its devel


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