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Assignment Name: Assignment 3 – Educational Management

Submitted by: Darrah Birth

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Course: EDUC 5623 – The Principalship

Institution: East Central University

Instructor: Dr. Bill Caruthers

Date Due: February 25, 2018


                          Assignment Name: Assignment
3 – Educational Management


            There is a need within
the school district to help discourage and decrease the use of drugs at school,
outside of school and at school activities. The principal will appoint a team
to evaluate the extent of the drug issue and work on a plan to discourage
students to use drugs. All stakeholders need to be involved in the process to
ensure all needs are met and the plan is successful. The principal will appoint
his team, determine the key issues and specific elements, and oversee the
implementation of the plan.

and Key Issues

            Involving stakeholders
is the most effective way to address the issue of drug abuse. Team members
would include the principal, teachers, students, and staff from other sites in
the district, parents, local business owners, and community leaders such as
local law enforcement, treatment agencies, and other concerned groups in the
community. Stakeholders will bring ideas to the table on how to implement
programs to discourage and eliminate drug use. Once stakeholders agree on the
best course of action to discourage and eliminate drug use, a meeting time will
be established to discuss when and how to start implementing the plan.

for the Plan

            With the team in place,
they can start by assessing the level of drug use. An anonymous questionnaire
will be distributed to evaluate the extent of drug use during and after school
and at school activities by the students. The questionnaire will include where
students use, how often they use, what drugs they use, and when they use. Once
the questionnaires have been calculated, the team will have more knowledge of
the drug issue to determine which programs are best suited for student
intervention. The team could collect data from law enforcement and local hospitals
to see the number of drug related issues involving school age individuals. The
local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous could also report statistics
of school age individuals who attend their meetings. Information from school counselors
could also be obtained to determine how many students have discussed drug
issues with them. The school counselors would only offer statistics and not
names. Once all the data has been compiled, the results could be discussed at a
community meeting with parents, community members, and other stakeholders
present. It will be important for those involved with the plan to have
extensive training on the most productive ways to implement a prevention plan
for drug use and ensure success.

the Plan

            The leader of the team
to oversee the implementation of the prevention plan will be the principal. By
having him as the leader, team members will have someone to receive detailed
instructions to ensure success. He will give each team member a specific task
to begin executing the plan. Specific tasks will help team members feel valued
for their contributions. Team members may work individually or can work
together to complete tasks. The principal is also available to make sure all
team members are effectively contributing to the team. The team will have
meetings to discuss progress of the prevention plan and make adjustments as
necessary. It is the principal’s role to ensure the team is working together
for success. Since students spend a majority of their time at school, it is
important for the team members at school to have a united stance on the
prevention of drug use.



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