Assignment-3 Unemployment is biggest threat among all of above



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Detecting fraud, optimizing logistics, evaluating of
research, composing arts and techniques artificial intelligence is transforming
our lives for the better and more friendly. There are lots of ethical issues
such as unemployment, inequality, humanity, artificial stupidity, racist
robots, security, evil genies, singularity, and rights of robot.


Unemployment is biggest threat among all of above ethical
issues. As artificial intelligence is growing we could create room for people
to assume more complex jobs, moving from hectic physical work that dominated
the preindustrial globe to the cognitive labor that characterizes strategic and
administrative work in our globalized society. Tech giant company Tesla’s CEO Ellen
Musk said that Tesla’s self driving trucks become widely available in next
decade. In sole America 15% people employed transportation business. It creates
unemployment but on the other hand it creates lower risk of accident. One study
said that an average of 3% people yearly died in road accident in America only.
If involvement of AI is in employment then how people spent their time. Most of
the people still rely on selling their time to have enough income to sustain
themselves and their families. Only hope that this opportunity will enable
people to find meaning in non-labor activities such as caring for their
families, engaging with their communities and learning new ways to contribute
to human society.


I found an interview of Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma on Gateway
2017 Canada, in that interview Jack Ma was very optimistic regarding Artificial
Intelligence. He said that don’t be afraid of unemployment due to artificial
intelligence. When he was child his father worked in the field for 18 hours a day
and said he is busy. Nowadays we worked 8 hours in a day for 5 days per week
and said that we are so busy. And in future we will work for 3 hours in a day
for 4 days per week and we will say we are so busy. In past twenty years we
trained human to work like machine and in next twenty years we will build
machine to work more effectively than human. From the perspective of company, a
computer does not look forward to a handsome paycheck at the end of every month;
however, having a computer to work for company is not either free. To hire a
computer as your employee, you have to bear development cost and also compare
that cost with the total amount you would eventually be saving. Our economic
system is based on compensation for contributing to the economy, often assessed
using hourly wage. But by using artificial intelligence, a company can
drastically cut down on relying on manpower that revenues will go to fewer
people. Individuals who have ownership in AI-driven companies will make all the






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