As the acting administrator responsible for my site’s finances

As the acting administrator responsible for my site’s finances, I keep track of all expenditures via the use of electronic spreadsheets (EDA 657 Week 3: Lecture 3B Program Budgeting p. 6). I have a separate spreadsheet for each of my three budgets: (Site, Title 1 ; LCFF). My procedures for managing each budget is essentially deducting from each line item each time I make a specific purchase i.e. (Use of materials and supplies via Title 1 funds). Through the line item categories I am able to keep track of each specific budget amount while also managing the total budget amount as a whole for that specific budget category i.e. (Extra Time ; Conferences). At the beginning of each month, each site also receives from the district accounting office their respective budget spending reports. I review these reports to compare my budget deductions and costs and to also verify that specific Purchase Orders and payments have been correctly applied to the specific budget I meant to utilize. By following these procedures, I have been able to keep my site financially responsible while also meeting the needs of our students and staff.


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