As team leader I have to deal with all those challenges that I’m encountering everyday

As team leader I have to deal with all those challenges that I’m encountering everyday. In my early days as team leader, I came into a situation where the team that I started has no clear goals. Everyone is just working on their own and some of them have no clarity of what their role and responsibility is. Through the help and guidance of my senior managers I was able to motivate myself and gain a huge confidence, then I started to understand my role in the team. In that situation also where I learned to developed my skills in leading a team and at the same I learned to identify the potential of every member of the team. For me to know my team and earn their respect I have to develop a good working relationship with them. I have to be a good role model and be able to present a vision and objectives for the team. Everything will go into a process; it will not always be a perfect team. There will always be challenges that you will encounter like what have mentioned above. I started to be the youngest member in the team and at the same time I am the team leader. I have many seniors and older member of the team. Sometimes you will find them very dominant to you because of their experience and the longer time they have spent in the workplace. But at the end, it is about understanding and showing respect to all members of the team whoever you are. Another challenges also are the different opinion of every member of the team. The team should have a dialogue and not debate and make sure that everyone is involved in decision-making. Culture and diversity are also a problem in my team. Most of the staff came from different background and culture. I make sure that I have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination and everyone will value the diversity of each team member.


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