As sport/football lovers all around the globe

As sport/football lovers all around the globe, we all longed for this day-June 14the kick-off date of 2018 world cup! well, we’re way past that now. while some are enjoying the world cup tournament to the fullest with their respective teams moving past the group stages, some aren’t why? well, I guess your answer is as good as mine which brings us to our topic of discussion for today, is football really for Africa?

Higuain celebrating the win over Nigeria
Five African teams qualified for the tournament- Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria and Senegal. With high hopes on some of these teams(if not all) to at least move past the group stages but shockingly none made it past the group stage.

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Nigeria needed just a draw to go past the group stage but the Albicelestes denied them with a 2-1 win over the super eagles.

with the super eagles out of the world cup tournament Senegal was the only hope left but a late goal from [email protected]′ was enough to ensure a win over Senegal.

yerry mina winning goal against Senegal
World cup history with African teams.
The FIFA world cup which began in the year 1930with the first game kicking off on 13 July 1930 when FIFA president Jules Rimet was moved to stage an international men world cup tournament with no African team participating in the first edition of the FIFA world cup tournament, but four years later, the Egyptians became the first African team to play at the FIFA world cup tournament.

From 1934 till date, African teams have participated in the FIFA world cup tournament 49 times, sadly no African team have moved past the quarterfinal stage.

The 2018 edition of the world most prestigious sport was to many the time for Africa to break the spell, but as we have seen above, the Argentines and Colombians halted the mission.

With no African team remaining at the world’s most prestigious sport, do you think football is for Africa? Let’s get your view, comment below!


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