As per Tuckman’s model

As per Tuckman’s model, the teams go through different stages of development. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Mourning. At each of those development stages the team will go through different types of behaviors and situations.

Different team behaviors and being in different range of situations in the business will normally require various leadership styles as each one of them is used in different times, and depending on the performance of the teams and in which stage they are.

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When the team is still forming, or if I have new member in a team, that is where direct leadership style is applied by me. The team as this stage will need more guidance and more direct to do tasks. I would be the decision maker in such situations.

Once the team moves to the next stage (norming), I would move to the delegate leadership style. I would start presenting the ideas and invite questions. I will start having the confidence in the team’s ability of finishing the tasks given.

I start using the involvement style of leadership when the team moves to the norming stage. That is where the roles and responsibilities of everyone are understood through open communication. I would present the issue and in return I will get back the suggestions that influences the decision making.

During the final stages, Performing, I would have high confidence in the team ability to make decision and function within boundaries I would set. At this stage the team know what are they doing and I trust that they will arrive to successful results with them being responsible for those decisions they make. The area of freedom I give the team in this stage is wider.


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