Aramex, the main competitor of Fetchr, is an international courier and logistics company, which has positioned itself in both internal services and shipping through continuous improvement and utilization of opportunities. Aramex analysis indicates that the company has adopted a competitive position through relatively cheaper prices, a strong local brand, enhanced features for mobile applications and a variety of service. These competitive strengths contribute to the provision of effective services that promote local and global expansion. However, the company lags in establishing its global brand due to its collaboration with weaker companies such as Fastway couriers in 2016.
Continental courier is another competitive company that offers door to door service that is committed to providing integrated logistics solutions. The company has expanded its services in the local market through a cost-focused approach that has been captured in its core competencies of enhancing customer experience. Key success factors include flexible delivery, high level of service, customized solutions, and enhanced relationship management. The commitment to high customer service experience through customized services and personalized customer management has enhanced the company’s commitment to a customer-centric business model that is highly customer focused. However, the high cost of personalized services increases overall expenses, which negatively influence the company’s profitability.
As a competitor, Parzel Express has strategic mergers with other strong market brands such as Zip Express and Logistics, which has established its businesses activities in the international market. The alliance creates a huge network that collects resources and creates significant savings in promoting the company’s competitive position in the market. Parzel Express has a strong technological platform, high level of expertise, powerful network, and strong financial position. In fact, Parzel Express has exploited these core competencies in creating competitive pricing rates and automated delivery system, enabling it to compete with global players such as FedEx. However, despite technological achievements, Parzel Express has fallen short in enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
To compete with its main rival, the company’s success requires a strong financing mechanism, a high level of performance expectations, and a growth process. The financing mechanism includes collaborative projects with strong market brands that facilitate economies of scale and brand loyalty. Given that Fetchr has strong technological capabilities, the company should seek continuous improvement of core competencies that include cost-effective and customized services. taking advantage of these core capabilities by focusing on customized services helps to improve performance and deliver value to their customers, leading to brand loyalty.
On the growth side, consumers ‘demands for sustainable business initiatives play a significant role in shaping the future of organizations’ lives. Thus, the company must exploit its technological power and pursue a good relationship with consumers. Therefore, to strengthen its position in the market and compete with its three strong market rivals, Fecthr must provide strong financial support and focus on improving customer experience to create trust and fulfill the brand in the global market.


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