Apply alternate the mask with clay with a moisturizing

Apply a clay mask on your face  ! Economical, ecological, of incomparable purity and finesse, clay is known for its softening and cleansing qualities . It is used in so ins(exceptional) of beauty to enhance the quality of the skin. But how to make a clay mask  for the face and for the hair  ? Discover the virtues of the clay mask for the beauty of your face and your hair.Mask with clayThe benefits of the mask with clay Recognized to promote the tone of skin, even the most sensitive and allergic, clayregulates the secretion of sebum, tightens pores and eliminates impurities.The clay is the beauty product ideal for oily skin with pimples and blackheads, on which it acts as a very gentle peeling.Clay also has a lifting effect (natural lifting), firming, and is therefore a care anti- wrinkle and anti-aging. The green clay, and especially the white clay, softens, purifies, unclogs the skin and embellishes a face without attacking it.How to make a clay mask Pour green or white clay (either in powder or pieces) into a bowl (non-metallic), add: mineral water, rose water or orange blossom water (about one tablespoon of clay + 1.5 times the volume of water) wait until the clay / water mixture melts, then little by little, beat with a wooden spatula, until a fluid paste is obtained not liquid, creamy but not thick . Apply the mask on the faceApply the mask to the green clay with a thick layer brush, on your perfectly cleansed face , not to mention your neck.- or apply with your hands using gentle, circular movements to get the product into the pores.How long should the mask be appliedLeave on for ten minutes (never more than a quarter of an hour) allowing to dry then rinse with warm water.Then apply a moisturizer.On fragile skinOn fragile skin , add to the clay a few drops of argan oil and a drop of essential oil of rose, geranium or neroli.But add argan oil and essential oil only when the clay is perfectly mixed with the mineral water.Or add a pinch of sparkling beer yeast to the clay.TIPSFor more efficiency, practice a steam bath to your face before applying this clay mask .How often to apply the mask to clayOily skin Apply the mascara to the clay no more than once a week.Otherwise your skin may become more sensitive.Mixed skinApply this mask once or twice a week.The ideal is to alternate the mask with clay with a moisturizing maskClay mask for hairFor this clay mask you can buy clay in tube ready for use.Apply this mask, on your hair washed, sponged, and therefore wet.Avoid spikes.Massage gently and gently the scalp without rubbing, which will activate the blood circulation.Leave the clay mask for about 20 minutes.This time is necessary for the clay to penetrate the heart of the hair fiber and act. Leaving the mask longer does not help. Rinse thoroughly. Finish rinsing with lemon or vinegar water.How many times to apply the clay mask on the hairApply this mask once or twice a week but only to the roots and not on the tips, as you may dry them.


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