And thinking. “How could I forget.” “You shocked me

And there we sat, neither of us daring to speak, trying our hardest to make as little sound as possible. Trying not to take too deep a breath, trying to not let a sound or movement imped on this glorious moment.  The sky was beginning to darken, the air was beginning to chill but neither of us dared move, we were completely frozen in this moment, hand in hand, completely, unwilling to deny ourselves of this magic. My mind began to wonder what might be going through his. I was thinking about the first time we met, maybe he was thinking the same. I gave a slight look to my left; my movements were slow and tardy. I wanted to look away quickly, but I feared he would notice. I then could not help but watch that tear as it slowly rolled down his perfect cheek. I watched, and each drop was like a dagger to my stomach, I could only squeeze his hand tighter and pretend I did not see.  Finally, I broke my gaze and looked back to the setting sun, I had never seen a sunset before, this would be my first one. Then he spoke, his voice sounding so strange after such a long a meaningful silence. “Do you remember our wedding vows?” he asked, I now knew what he was thinking. “How could I forget.” “You shocked me because you told me that you would not vow to love and cherish me, you could not vow to love me through richer or poorer, in sickness and health. You would not vow to be true to me through good times and bad, you would not vow to do these things because you said that these were things you were doing already, since the moment we met. You said you have always loved and cherished me, you have always loved me through richer and poorer, in sickness and health. You have always been true to me through good times and bad and that a vow here and now would never change your love for me, and that you would continue to do those thing until the day comes where one of us takes our last breath and one of our hearts stops beating. You said that you would vow to make that final day the most magical day that either of us could ever experience.” In my mind we were once again standing at the altar, my words were his words my voice was his voice and his eyes filled were with joy. His eyes were different now, they were filled with sorrow. “Would you like to dance?” he asked. “Absolutely” I answered. There we stood dancing in the sand the sun was set, I wished this moment would last forever. He hummed our song, my body grew weaker, he pulled me in tighter. “I love you” I said, he pulled me closer, “I will always love you” he said. “Goodbye my love” I closed my eyes. 


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