Ana government. Having this type of power in the

Ana Castellano

Intro to International Relations

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INR 2001- Section 3

Friday Assignment #1

January 19, 2018


            The Global North and Global South
see power in a very different matter for quite a few reasons. To begin with, when
we look at their economic structures one can tell that the Global North is
composed of richer and more developed nations. Meanwhile, the Global South is
made up of poor, less developed nations which definitely impacts the way they
think, do, and interpret certain things. I assume that the Global North sees
power as such a critical thing to obtain because of the prestige that comes
with it and the economic and political freedom it entails. To the countries in
the Global South, these wealthy and industrialized countries are seen as a
threat since they are typically the countries with the most resources, economic
freedom and superior government. Having this type of power in the Global North
allows for them to influence the way other countries handle particular conditions.
I do believe a countries perspective on power is shaped by their international
system and rules because for example, the United States may think that their
army is a source of power for their nation due to how potent it is; but a
country in the Global South, such as Venezuela may think their greatest power
is their government when in fact it is unscrupulous. As you can see there is a
clear difference between the two, the power of the United States seems more dominant
and valuable while the other is corrupt. Since the Global South is not as
developed and lacks most of the resources that are attained in the Global North
they do not have as much to offer in terms of power therefore they are
considered small powers. As mentioned in Kegley and Blanton, small powers are
countries with limited-political, military, or economic capabilities and influence.
Due to this, most small powers countries are subsidiary in terms to
international ranking. D’Anieri discusses the different meanings of power and
the wide scope of approaches you can take while interpreting them. I believe
that for countries in the Global North all of the types of powers presented
could be accessible to them depending on a specific countries objective. On the
other hand, this differs for countries in the Global South. A country that is
less developed but has an army or some sort of valuable resource may be accessible
to powers that refers to the ability to compel, or coercive power. Also, a
small power country could be accessible to the power gained by working
together. Lastly, emerging 


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