Ambrosio P

Ambrosio P. Sevilleno Jr. IX-STEM Heisenberg
Mr. Xe Mc Kevin España

What music inspire you?
Music is the art of our mind and language of our soul. Music is the form of our imaginary hallucination that can affect our emotions. It heals, it can create heartache, and sometimes it can be hatred. It5 also considered as one of the medicine of our life. Music help us to remove our stress, because it is bringing a peace of mind to us and in our heart. Actually we hear music in different sound , we have the Rock, POP, Classic, and many other to say. Well! the main purpose of the music is to give entertainment to the audience. And most and for all music is a lifetime and will never be lost in our hearts and minds. But somehow music can inspire us
Music is love, music is life. To start this, what is the music that inspire me? Well! The music that inspire me is the song Perfectly Imperfect. It was started when I was in school going back to home. Instead of going back home I standby in one of the internet café in the city. I was bored that time and I feel tired , so I decide to listen a song and then I just accidentally click the song. When I hear it that was the start that I love it. To be honest I like song not just because the nice beat but because the song means a lot to me and to the other having lack of self-confident. And from time to time I always the song and listen every single lyrics and then I gets what the is all about. That time I was inspire about the song. The song tells a lot about how to accept our self-appearance. Particularly when you are very conscious about your gestures, attitude, and appearance rather than focusing your ability you are wasting your time to copy others thing that you don’t have. Anything else the song also tackle the people who are experiencing bullying. Like I said they are teasing you that you have nothing to prove and they making you funny to all, even if they are the same of you. Don’t feel bad about what they have said the important is that you are natural and don’t even think that you have to be better like them. Just believe and value yourself for what you have done at all. Don’t ashamed tou your self unless you bad to the other.
Therefore, when you are down and feeling blue. Just listen to the song for you to be inspire and to face the crowd with confident. Believe that you can rely on to your self be positive whatever it take its just got to be you . Always think the true asset of a human is the good heart.

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