Although there were many down sides to it. For

Reconstruction freed all salves, gave them rights and settle the debate between
the states and federalism there were many down sides to it. For example, legislation
ultimately failed to protect former slaves from white persecution.

Reconstruction brought the rise of the K.K.K. and other groups who persecuted former
slaves and supporters of Reconstruction. In addition, as soon as President Hayes
removed the troops from the South in 1877 power returned back to Confederate Officials.

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With the power back in the hands of white southern politicians they passed many
acts/laws making “freed” blacks jump through hoops just to get the rights they
deserved. Overall, I believe Reconstruction was more of a failure that a success
because it never made the lives of Blacks easy in fact in some ways it made it
harder to get rights. Ultimately blacks had to fight for their civil rights all
on their own. 


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