Although the role of social work within these teams

Although social work, as a profession
has always played a major role within mental health; in terms of improving the
mental health services and the mental health outcomes of its clients (Allen,
2014). By bringing a distinctive social
and rights-based perspective to their work; … advanced relationship-based
skills and … focus on personalisation and recovery’ (Allen, 2014: p5) – which has helped support those with mental health problems make ‘positive, self-directed change’ (Allen, 2014:

status and authority within mental health setting has sometimes been
undermined, and opportunities to realise professional potential have been
underdeveloped’ (Allen,
2014, p5).

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Reasons behind this, is because it is
difficult to define what the role and contribution of social work is, within multidisciplinary setting like community
mental health teams; and has created problems for social workers working in
this setting.

Within this essay one will critically
evaluate the role and contribution of social work in a community mental health team;
setting; to establish why the role of social work within these teams are
difficult to define. Before critically examining why it is importance to
keeping a social perspective within mental health and how this approach can how
help social work practice to understand how inequality and discrimination can manifest
within service users lives.

In recent years, the role and
contribution of social workers within community mental health teams has not
always been well defined, according to Allen (2014); and this has caused
problems for social workers. Whereby some social workers have expressed
concerns about their status and authority within multidisciplinary team, as this
has sometimes been undermined by other health professions who at times take the
lead when decisions being made for service users (Drinkwater, 2017).

But why is the role and contribution of
social work within community mental health teams difficult to define? When one
of the main task for all social workers, in whichever setting they are in (i.e.
Adult social care, mental health or child and families) is to sustain the social,
mental and emotional well-being of their clients (Foster,


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